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Some days I soar with angels
With love I can be found
When I hear your whisper
My heart unleashed be bound

Travel sky to meet you
No matter where you are
Touch your soul with beauty
I'm never really far

Wings to hold you carefully
When you feel alone
Special breeze to let you know
I enter your heart's throne

You carry me so carefully
I give you joy within
Hold you in a loving way
My special peace begins

Feel my wings enfold you
Wrapped so warm and tight
Need me for a moment
Just to give some light

I am with you always
Look up in the sky
See a group of angels
With wings to you I fly

Giving you my special gift
I cover you with gown
With these wings I offer
The love of heaven's crown


This morning I got this award from a very special person, a wonderful graphic artist. She sent me the award unsolocited by me and so this award means a lot to me. You can go visit her website Sets By Star Shine

You are listening to Quiet Desolation, composed by David Edwards
and used with his permission. It is copyright () and may not be used without his persmission. Visit his website at Quiet Cove Music ~ Music Of Dave Edwards to listen to more of his beautiful compositions.

The poem is by Francine Pucillo
and used with her permission. It is 2000, and may not be used without her permission.
Visit her site, POETRY-EMOTION to read more inspiring poetry.