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Once there was this rose in a very big garden. She was meerly a bud, small and tiny and the petals were enveloped in the leaves that surrounded the bud. She was wilted and alone, she stood all alone in this rose garden, the other roses had more roses in their bushels, but this particular rose was alone, no reason, just the way it was.

One day the gardener noticed and decided to put another rose there. The rose bud had grown quite a bit by now. This morning, she noticed the other rose, it looked beautiful and it was right beside her. She extended a leaf and tried to touch the other rose but it had thorns and she got really hurt. Someone plucked the other rose from the spot it was in, and the little rose was glad.

Years went by and she tried to find that special companion and friend, but she couldn't, she searched the whole garden looking for another rose that could be a companion to her, with no luck. One day, she noticed that a rose had been planted beside her, and as if by miracle she was flooded with warmth and sunshine, she extended a leaf and she found no thorns, and she smiled and stood straight for the first time, and the other rose did the same. Their leaves got tangled and they just stayed there in the sunshine and warmth.

The other roses were being plucked one by one from this special garden but these other two roses went together to light up the garden with their special qualities, show qualities I may add, and that was the life of the roses. One day the other rose was no where to be found, the rose cried and cried and wilted and felt small and sad. She now thought, why cry? when we know that the rose still grows on the other side of the wall.

She'd heard of that, she knew, and the time came and she too wilted gently to this ray of light, she went and found that in fact the rose was there waiting for her and very much alive in Crystal City. They hugged and were happy to see each other again. Now they sit in the Garden of Tranquility, where all roses grow for ever, just a step away, in a place called the Garden of Forever, that's just at the other side of the wall.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~