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Life On The Other Side Of Life, By SilverMoon

Why are we so afraid to die? Are we afraid that when we take that last breath, it is going to be lights out for good? what can we expect after this journey in this incarnation of the flesh has ended? these are questions that I may ponder and you may ponder too but for me, I do have a belief system as everyone else does and I will expand on what I have been given as an understanding thru an amazing experience I had and also through my inspirational writings and so this is my own belief but I don't expect any to accept my belief or for that matter believe what it is that I do believe in, I am only writing here what it is my belief and what I believe may happen to us when we make our transition after we leave this realm of the flesh and this incarnation, in other words I will take you on a tour of The Other Side Of Life.

After we take the last breath, we leave the body that houses the spiritual body which in turn houses the soul. Now, in our true forms, and I say true forms because what survives physical death is the spiritual body and the soul, we look around and we realize that we can do many more things and we feel so free, we can look around us without turning our head at all, we can see all round, we feel so light and what ever we suffered from in the form of physical discomfort when we were in the flesh has left our reality. As well, soon enough we realize that there is someone there to help us with this transition into The Other Side Of Life and we recognize that person that has been sent to help us in our transition to The Other Side Of Life. This particular person can be a relative or a guide in the form of our spirit guide but the thing that we feel at once is the amount of love, we are so aware that we are loved and accepted so much by whoever came to help us. When we arrive on the Other Side Of Life, first thing we see is that we are received there by the helpers that tend to new arrivals, this is much like a healing center on the Other Side Of Life. Here is where we can rest or perhaps if we are unsettled after making our transition, such as in the case of those that were not ready to make their transition yet. We are allowed to stay in this healing center until we are truly ready to integrate to the general population on The Other Side Of Life. Once we are ready to move on to the other levels then we are ready to get on with the business at hand which is life on The Other Side Of Life.

Life On The Other Side Of Life is much like in the incarnation of the flesh but with one difference, free will exists in its true form with no evil or ego in the middle. On The Other Side Of Life, we are free to choose who we want to live with and even if we choose a life of solitude then we are allowed that too or we may choose to live with our sister in place of our mother because maybe when we were in the flesh we didn't get along so well with mother but we got on so good with sister and even mother will not be resentful for the fact we are choosing sister and not her to live with on The Other Side Of Life, so we are truly doing things because we want to and not because we have to. Do our loved ones on The Other Side Of Life still remember those loved ones that they left behind when they migrated to The Other Side Of life? yes they do, the ones that already migrated to The Other Side Of Life felt love for for the ones that are left behind and they will certainly remember them and see them again and the only time our loved ones that have already migrated to the Other Side Of life may feel sorrow on The Other Side Of Life is when they see us suffer because we are deprived of their physical presence but they only feel sorrow at our sorrow and their only aim is to comfort us but that does not prevent them from learning or evolving because nothing can prevent their journey forward to benefit the evolution of their journeys into the Other Side Of Life but they feel sorrow at seeing us cry because they miss us but we are not harming any by crying, crying is part of living so when we miss someone we cry for them but rest asured that by you crying you are not harming your loved one on The Other Side Of Life, they will do what they have to and that is progress on The Other Side Of Life. There are so many things to do on The Other Side Of Life, not because you are not living in the flesh activities cease to exist and you are going to spend eternity sitting on a cloud playing a harp, no, in the Realm of Spirit we can do much the same as what we did here on earth but with one difference, we are freed of the physical body which is heavy and cumbersome and we are at liberty to go where we will, we are able to see our thoughts taking shape, if we are thinking of going for a stroll, in an instant you will find yourself in front of the most beautiful scenery and you may see a body of water, the water so clear such as you've never seen before, it could be compared to crystal but it's even more clear than crystal and the grass you maybe walking on feels like something that you can't explain because there is nothing in the realm of the flesh where one can compare to what grass may feel like under your feet on the Other Side Of Life, everything is of such beauty and majesty that it is an awesome sight, it's amazing how when someone has even a little taste of that Realm of Spirit, that someone will not find the scenery here on earth so attractive any more, on earth, colors will look dull and nothing will look as beautiful as it did in the Realm of Spirit. Because we are encased in matter, we do not yet comprehend beauty as it can be. The feelings you have when you live on The Other Side Of Life are nothing but true unconditional love. In the Realm of Spirit there are no clumsy words to express inspiration but where thought is the living language and reveals itself with lightning rapidity. In the Realm of Spirit there is no driving the weaker to the wall where the strong are strong because they have something to give to those less fortunate than themselves, there is no competition as to who is best and there is no money to make us compete with others. In the Realm of Spirit there are no sacred books to go by, and there is no competition as to who knows more dogma, on The Other Side Of Life, there is only the operation of the divine laws to instruct the inhabitants of the Realm of Spirit. When we die the death of the physical embodiment it's not tragic, on the contrary, you are then free in the true sense, no more physical embodiment to limit you and you are the one that creates reality for yourself. To die it is to realize that the world is choked with the weeds of selfishness, greed, avarice and ego. I could go on for much longer here but for that I would have to write a book because I don't have enough space here but it is very comforting to me that I believe what I believe in because I know that my mother and my father and Fred are happy and well, they are all free of the prison that it's the embodiment they had on earth, but please remember that this is my belief only and that yours fits the evolution of your soul and that it is not wrong, it is right for the level of evolution of your soul is at this time in your incarnation.

I wish you peace and enlightenment. May your journey in the realm of the flesh be an enlightening one. If you are afflicted with sorrow over the death of a loved one, I wish you to have a speedy recovery and it is my hope that when you come out of the grief process you can be improved and be all that you are meant to be at this time in this present incarnation of the flesh.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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