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For Muriel And Stephen Johnson,
By SilverMoon

This Is In Memory Of Stephen Johnson. Stephen Was Murdered In 1999. Stephen Was An Extremely Talented Artist. This Is Also A Tribute To His Mother Who Misses Him So Much. She is Also My Best Friend, Muriel, I Love You Both!

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

I have a friend who lost her son. She is so strong, she can still smile. I have a friend who I sit beside every tuesday night, I have a friend who I cry for, her son died, when he didn't have to, no, he didn't mean to be doing what he was doing, he was a good kid, there are bad people in this world, they don't care she now has no son, no, she does not have a son. My friend is so special, she didn't deserve this, and yes, she has other kids, but they are not all identical in personality, they are all special to her and her son was special too, she is my friend. I will tell you my friend, I wish I could make it all better, just for you, but I can't, I can only hold your hand on tuesday nights, I have a difficult time not to let my own tears flow down as if a dam has been broken inside of myself, but I won't cry, I will feel your broken heart, that is all I can do and I can write this for you. I love you my friend, just because you are you, I accept you my friend just the way you are. I imagen what it would be like to be you, to walk in your shoes for a while. so I write this for you, I know these words are not much, but take them to your heart, your are so very special in my eyes.

If you are one of those people selling illegal drugs, I want to talk to you, I'm talking directly to you now. Listen very carefully, what I have to tell you may be a surprise to you, what comes around goes around too, that is a well known fact, but perhaps you don't know about that, let me enlighten you, let me tell you that what comes around goes around, it's called the Law of Cause And Effect, that is a well known fact, I am just filling you in on a Natural Law, just in case you have not enough knowledge due to the lack of education, otherwise, if you had enough education, you would not be selling good kids dirty dreams called drugs. You are too late by now anyways, you already sold those drugs to good kids and you must take personal responsibility because it's already registered in your soul, no one can erase that, there is no man in the land who will be able to forgive you for that, it's a Universal Law and you best start praying that no one dies due to your sinister ways, if some one that you sold drugs to dies then I am afraid for your soul, you will have a tough time on The Other Side of Life, you will have to face the music then but I don't mean to sound like a preacher because a preacher I am not but I just wanted to tell you about the Law and I hope it makes you think clear for once and whether or not you are one of those men that hurt my friend's son, if you are selling illegal drugs, then this is for you too, it will fit just right. I ask, do you have a mom? are you void of a soul inside? what gives you the right to play God and terminate a life? I hope that when your own time comes and it will come, no one can save you either, you better watch yourself, when they do come to tell you own mom, will she be as strong as my friend is? I hope she has a good friend, a friend who will hold her hand and cry for her, but maybe not, maybe you live in fear now, whether you did kill my friend's son or not, you promise good kids a pot of gold with the illegal drugs you sell and you watch other people die and it does nothing to your heart, why would it do that to you? sorry, I forgot, you do not have a heart, your soul is dead, I just remembered, you hold a demon in your view.


May 25, 2000

The painting used is by artist James C. Behlen, Jr. and used with his kind permission.

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