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A Greeting! By SilverMoon









May the sorrow you feel leave your spheres this day and overflowing happiness envelopes your reality...May you see a splendid sunset that reminds you that the Cosmic Birthir so wisely set it into motion and for our pleasure and may it remind you that all who previously went to the Other Side of Life are a part of all that is life now....May you have the soul enlightenment that all that is you is in harmony and perfect the way it is on this day at this time in your vibration and reality...May tomorrow come and people give you their best smiles and greetings...May the sound you hear first thing in the morning be the serenade of many birds...May you be granted wisdom and enlightenment to help you as you grow in harmony and peace with the whole of life...Should your journey be complete tomorrow in this realm of matter, may the Cosmic Birthir that granted you this incarnation embrace you unconditionally and you continue in your new adventure through the Other Side of Life in perfect love and trust with all who dwell there.



~*~ SilverMoon ~*~
June 20th, 2000