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Speas Vinegar Collectors

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Welcome to the Speas Vinegar Collectibles website
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We are NOT dealers! We are collectors of my families company. When we purchase items, they are for our personal collection. ONLY, on occasion do we sell any of our collection. If and when we have acquired duplicates. Some of the items you see on this site are one of a kind. Only one known of. We are always interested in purchasing anything we do not have.

Speas Vinegar Company collectibles

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our collection of Speas Vinegar company items. We are Teddy & Annette Speas from Rural Hall, NC.

Being kin to John W. Speas. John started Speas Vinegar company in 1888. At one time the Speas Vinegar company was the largest producer of vinegar in the United States.

The photo on the left is of the Vinegar plant in Kansas City. We took the photo in 2001 while on a Speas vinegar history hunt and while visiting with my cousin Cheryl Hunke in Stark City Missouri.


Vinegar book being wrote !
Cheryl Hunke has been doing an extensive research on the history of the mid-west Vinegar manufacturing and along with myself as co-author we are in the process of writing a book dedicated to the history of the mid-west Vinegar manufacturing.
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