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SPEAS Bottles and Jars

Here is a complete set of the "Diamond" Jugs.All three of these have the pour spout. The gallon is the hardest of the set to find. They also made a set of "straight" neck bottles. They came in a Pint,Pint nine oz. and a Quart.

This is another rare item.What makes this one so rare is the Town on the back.As you can see it is from Charlotte,North Carolina.There are just a few of these around with the Charlotte name on them. I filled these up with soda ONLY so you could see the writting better.

Denver,COLO. and Kansas City.MO.

Memphis,TENN. and Rogers,ARK.

I purchased this(one on the left below)from Don Wilkinson. Don has the biggest Speas Vinegar collection I have had the honor of seeing. Don found four of these FULL bottles of vinegar and I was lucky enough to obtain one of them.Notice the lid is original also.You dont see these around in this good of shape.

Pint Speas Wine Bottle

First printed Speas lid

This is the first Marked Speas screw on lid. This is the only lid that DOES NOT have any writting around the sides.

If you see a lid that does not have writting around the edge other than this lid.It is conterfeit!