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Speas Vinegar paper items

Speas Business flyer

Here is a bussiness flyer. Salesmen gave these to there costumers to let them know what kind of advertising they had.The back has the following on it.Buses STOP near 80% of all retail sores...Customers will STOP for SPEAS APPLE JUICE and won't STOP drinking this delightful beverage...Are you STOCKED! This TRAVELING MESSAGE appears locally before thousands of your costumers! Paper items of any kind are getting very hard to find.Especially in this kind of condition.This was giving to us from the fine folks at the SPEAS VINEGAR plant in Kansas City Missouri.They only had two left. We got one and my Cousin received the other.

Speas Pen-Jel box

This is a most unique item.This is a MINT "UNUSED" Speas Pen-Jel box. I have talked with Doug Hollandsworth about this. It is a "NEW-OLD-STOCK".All though this is the newer version it is much rarer than the older ones. Also with the fact that the box has never been used is a added feature.There are only two of these known to exist.I have done some research on this and have came to the conclusion that Speas Vinegar made these right before the plant was sold to Pillsbury Company in 1978.

SPEAS Recipe Books and PEN-JEL box

To the right are recipe books from Speas Vinegar.The green one is copyrighted 1968.The other has no copyright on it.Below these two recipe books is a Plastic PEN-JEL shelve label. These slide in the old shelves.This way the stockboys would know where each item went.Directly below is a full unused Pen-Jel box.