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Alexy's Abyssinian Pet Letters & Photos

Lucy A few pics of Lucy on her 4 month b'day. She is the most wonderful little baby! Had her at the vet yesterday for her booster shot and rabies. Lucy grows! I had taken her to the vet the day after I received her to make certain she didn't have any ill effects from the flight. She weighed 2.3 pounds (June 9th) and she now weighs 4 pounds. She has lost a few baby teeth. She's good about letting me trim her nails and clean her ears. She is interested in other people but she LOVES me :). (as it should be :)). Everyone adores her and comments on how beautiful she is. She's a character, so nosey and curious. Sleeps under the covers with me at night. She has a wild side but she also has a sweet and loving nature. She eats well and has used the litter box without fail. She is healthy and happy. I have an appointment to have her spayed in 2 months. I will send you the paperwork on that when I have the info. I LOVE LUCY! Thank you again for my baby girl. She is truly special.
Alice F. - Sarasota, FL
Just thought I'd drop you a note. Blix and Tanne are doing just fine. They are by far very classy kittens (they will always be kittens in my mind). I had read where Abbys were not highly affectionate, somewhat aloof cats. Well, whoever wrote that has not met my two guys....

Tanne will gets so excited when I come home. She will arch her back and the root of her tail will quiver. She loves to chew (not hard) on my fingers, ears, nose....doesn't matter what.....She will wake me in the morning by chewing on my nose. Quite an experience let me tell you......

Blix on the other hand doesn't lick, but he likes to put his paws and head on my shoulder and curl up on my chest. Especially in the mornings. Tanne seems to have the afternoon shift when it comes to being close to me. I could go on for days on how endearing these guys are...suffice to say I'm more than happy with them.
Neal H. - Aloha, OR
Blix & Tanne

Pippin Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how Pippin is doing, seeing how he just turned one year old the other day! He's a beautiful cat, of course, but he also has the most wonderful personality. He's very affectionate with everyone, greets me at the door everyday, he will even come to the door to say "hi" to the pizza delivery man. Pip wins everyone over with his outgoing and curious nature. He gets along great with my Border Collie and they often take turns chasing each other from one end of the house to the other. At bedtime he usually sleeps under the covers with me, and I've even caught him using the pillow a few times too. When he's feeling lovey he gives hugs and kisses to anyone that will let him. I just wanted to thank you again for this little guy.
Melanie N. - Milford, OH

I wanted to let you know that Lila is doing wonderful and we just love her so much. She has been a great addition to our family. Lila has settled into our home and loves to torment her new big sister, Cleo, who's an 80 pound English Mastiff :-) She will actually chase Cleo around the house and play hide & seek. Lila loves Damon, who's a 200 pound English Mastiff, and they take naps together throughout the day. Lila is extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle with us in bed at night. Of course, she prefers one of our pillows as her bed. Lila is just so much fun to have around and keeps us laughing with her silly antics and wonderful personality.
Vanessa O. - Wadsworth, OH

Sparky I just realized this morning that it is Sparky's First Birthday. He is such a wonderful boy ! Always purring, always willing to cuddle, eats just about everything, and is friendly to every person he meets. And his color is awesome ! What a great cat.
Anne B - Fayetteville, NC

I just wanted to send you a picture of my beautiful boy. He is quite handsome and everyone falls in love with him. I gave your web site to the assistant at the Vet's office. She just loves his personality, and I told her your kittens are the best and most loving creatures. His Vet says he is the most regal cat she has ever seen and she does not get to see many Abys. Tigger loves the game of fetch and entertains us for hours. He even brings that bunny he loves to bed at night. I think of you everyday when I hold this wonderful creature and enjoy his antics. You should be so proud of your cattery.
Pam K. - Findley, OH
Abyssinian cat breeder

Abyssinian cat breeder They get along so well, we couldn’t really be any luckier. Caesar has become a very good big brother (he is still playful, but he’s become much more mature acting and lovey…definitely happier!), and Nero is just this little ball of energy!! He adds so much life to our home, with his very distinct personality all his own! He refuses to accept that he’s the smallest of the family, and definitely keeps Caesar on his toes!! You’ve done a great job on your kittens, Nero is so well behaved (for a kitten), and adapted quickly to living here. Thank you so much for our baby Nero!! The four of us are a small, but very happy family!
Teresa H - Jacksonville, NC

I just wanted to thank you so much for Zsa-Zsa Binx! She is the best companion I could have found! She is always waiting for me at the door when I come home from work! She is so fast that it is very hard for me to get pictures of her.
Toby C. - Morrisville, NC
Abyssinian cat breeder

Abyssinian cat breeder We just wanted to let you know that all our inquiries to you certainly paid off. Ozzie (on left) is the most affectionate family member!!! He is quite the handful and has an affinity for water. When he’s not climbing our screens or tormenting his sister, he can usually be found nuzzling our neck or curled up with us. Within his quiet little voice lies a very stout personality. However you raise your kittens, keep up the good work for Ozzie is our prince charming! .
Stacy T. - San Francisco, CA

We wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much fun we're having with our new kitten. We've named him Mickey...he's a bundle of energy, chasing everything that moves and lots of things that aren't moving! He is having a lot of fun running all around our house, up and down the stairs, sliding on the hardwood floors, and "ambushing" us as we come around corners. He's really filled out in the few weeks we've had him.
Evan and Sarah B. - Acworth, GA
Abyssinian cat breeder

Abyssinian cat breeder Here is Spencer. He loves his new home and family. He got in trouble for the fish, but I had to take a picture of him. Thank you for our new family member.
Angela B. - Roebuck, SC

"I ran into a nice woman named Jill who works in Winter Park, and we found out she has an Aby related to Rugby, Ramses. He has the same mother (Scarlet). She mentioned they'd gotten an Aby from another breeder (or they knew of one, I can't remember), and he just wasn't as sweet and affectionate as yours. And that's always been the reason why we want to have one of your Aby's, Bruce. Rugby is a joy every day. "

Shephard - Orlando, FL
Abyssinian cat breeders

Abyssinian cats "The cats are as wonderful as I could have ever dreamed. They are pure love and created with such perfection in beauty and temperament."

Peggy M. - Tavernier, FL

"He has the prettiest pumpkin colored eyes and a beautiful face. He is also sweet, especially in the morning."

Melissa D. - Orlando, FL
Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian "Yasmine has taken her assigned window seat! Isn't she beautiful?! You just touch her and she purrs and then she starts to lick you. She is such a love. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful baby."

Leslie M. - St. Simons Island, GA

"Abby and Binx are best of friends and they're wonderful kids. Abby is incredibly loving, and a total lap cat. Binx is very loyal and follows me everywhere I go."

Andrea K. - Miami, FL

Abyssinian cats for sale "I am writing to let you know that I love my kitten. I have owned cats all my life, but never had one as loving and playful as this one! He sleeps with me every night and wherever I go, he goes."

Sonya L., Miami, FL

"Thanks for the best friend I've had in a long time. He's great. Thanks again."

Connie S. - Orlando, FL
Abyssinian kittens

kitten pictures "Batman & his half-brother Rocket Man. They take a lot of naps in front of this bay window."

Barbara M. - Charleston, SC

"I'm sending a couple of pictures we thought you might enjoy seeing. We wanted you to see how much Avery loves both big dogs."

Karin W. - Palm Bay, FL
Abyssinian cat pictures

cat breeders "Matilda is a wonderful cat. She has not had any trouble fitting in with our two other generic cats and our terrier. We appreciate your allowing us to have her as part of our lives. You certainly do have beautiful cats."

Vicki E. - Ozona, FL

"Lexi has become so terribly sweet and loving. I just adore her. Every morning she waits by the cat door for me to unlock it. Then she can come and go as she pleases. She particularly loves the old dead tree I put in the pen for her to climb."

Louise F. - Santa Fe, NM
kitten photos

cats "Dear Mom & Dad,

Thought you'd like some photos of me in my new home. My new parents have definitely spoiled me. I'm so happy that you let me come live with them."


Jan W. - Lutz, FL

"Lexy is growing up to be a very beautiful cat. We love her so much. I have had a few cats in my lifetime, but I've never had a cat that was as fun, full of life or so affectionate and loving as Lexy."

Kim H. - Madeira Beach, FL
Siamese cats

kittens for sale "Ansel & Alden are the best things that ever walked into our home. They are so cute and cuddly. Alden is an air head and doesn't have a clue what, "No!" means. Ansel minds well and is infatuated with water. Thanks so much for our babies."

Jessica G. - Lake Worth, FL

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