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Alexy Abyssinian Cattery History

Abyssinian cat breeders
I bought my first two Abyssinians in 1986. I had been going to cat shows for six months or more trying to select a breed. The first cat breed I was attracted to was the Abyssinian. I liked the look and personality of the breed. However, I continued to search, evaluating each breed. After six months I knew that the Abyssinian was the perfect cat for me.

During my search I had met and gotten to know several Abyssinian breeders in Florida, where I lived. I had also become very interested in cat shows and the idea of breeding Abyssinians. My first Abyssinians were a red (sorrel) girl and a blue male. Fawn Abyssinians had not been accepted for championship at that time, and I decided that I wanted to breed a good fawn Abyssinian. I knew that I needed the dilute gene from the blue and the red (cinnamon) gene to produce fawns.

My first cat show was in January, 1987. It was an ACFA show, and I really had a great time showing my new cats. Over the years I have shown quite a bit in ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association), TICA (The International Cat Association), and CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). My cats have achieved many titles in the various associations. I have had regional and national winners in both ACFA and CFA. More recently I have been showing my Abys and Siamese in TICA. In 2001 we had our first Regional wins in TICA with both an Abyssinian and a Siamese. We bred regional winning Abyssinian and Siamese cats for the 2002 season also.

Abyssinian cat breedersHaving achieved the highest titles possible in both ACFA and CFA, I started to look for a new challenge. Thinking back to my initial plan to breed an excellent cat of what was then a new color, the fawn, I thought that I would like to produce Abyssinian cats of the same quality in another new color. I had thought about this over the years, but had not been in a position to pursue the idea.

Then, early in 2000, I started a breeding program for chocolate and lilac Abyssinians. The first litter produced two chocolates and three lilacs. Lilac is the dilute of chocolate. When I saw the colors of the kittens, I knew that I wanted to actively pursue a breeding program for these colors.

It will take several generations of breeding to produce the quality of Abyssinians that I want in the new colors. That is the true challenge and satisfaction in breeding - to visualize a goal and work to achieve it. I show the chocolate and lilac Abyssinians in TICA.

Early in 1999 Dianne and I combined my Aby cattery and her Siamese cattery. Thankfully, the cats get along with each other really well. I invite you to visit Dianne's Siamese web site.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you would like to know if we have any kittens available, send us an email.

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