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Alexy Abyssinians - Links Page

This is our links page. You can navigate the entire site from this page.
We have been Abyssinian and Siamese cat breeders for more than fifteen years.

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The International Cat Association Web Site

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Abyssinian Breeder Listing

Leotie Abyssinians
Van Gelre Somalis

Dogs The complete guide to dogs, with breed information, a breeder guide, a free dog classifieds section and more.

The Original Abyssinian Cat Ring
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The complete online guide to the Greensboro area, with accommodation, real estate, business and local information.

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Kitty Cat Breeders - Find Cat Breeders in Your Area with Cats and Kittens for Sale. - Free kitten and cat classifieds

Professor's House - All the information you need for caring for your pet.


Pets Dogs Cats Birds

Dog Training

Kittens for Sale

Pet Supplies


Pets Dogs Cats

Pet Classifieds

Kittens for Sale

Pet Supplies


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