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Welcome to my Halloween website!

This site deals primarily with the construction of static Halloween props, using common (inexpensive and easily found) materials.
As a self-employed musician (who takes advantage of musical income opportunities...heh!, heh!) I am seldom able to celebrate Halloween in the manner I would having a monsterous home Haunt!
So.....I make things for the season that I can use onstage.
Static (non-moving) Props.
I've included various projects (props) on this website, including my 'experimental' experiences, in the event it can help someone who has never tried any of this.


"The Creature Of The Night"

The Moth
Demon Skulls
Demon/Devil Mask
Heads & Faces
(Gene head/Experimental Corpse Faces)


My Tombstone


(The Larry Head/Drowning Victim/Bag Head & Snotferatu)
Snot-Rag Mache
"Withered Skin For Static Props"

Ihm Poh Tent