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named after our ex-lead guitarist

(More Living Faces Packaging Fun)

I had purchased a few of those Living Faces Make Up kits at Walmart a few years ago...and to be honest, I was more excited about the plastic packaging than I was with the actual product. (This was the skull-face kit.....the one with the RIP carved in the forehead of the makeup appliance.)

As an experiment, I mixed up some plaster and made a shell casting of the face - using the plastic packaging as the mold. I decided to make a corpse face (3d relief style) that would rest on a coffin pillow or flat surface.

I 'dug out' some of the plaster in the mouth to make room for some acrylic (false teeth) I had been given and built up the neck and face with Amaco Claycrete Papier Mache. The 'eyes' were just glue soaked cotton balls.....I wanted a slightly 'dehydrated' look. The entire head was painted in layers with multiple shades of gray and gray/blue and sealed with a matte finish. A cloth wrapped (floral) 18 gauge wire was buried in Amaco Sculptamold/glue paste in the back of the head so it could also hang on a wall. 'Gene's' blond hair is crepe hair that was purchased from a local costume shop and it was glued on with Elmer's glue and trimmed to length. 'Gene's' moustache was attached after he was 'named' by our drummer at a Friday the 13th party we had.