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March 2001 News Archive

Mar. 31: Northern Wei Grottoes Discovered in Shanxi Province

On Dalai Lama's Trip to Taiwan

Growing Influence of the Internet in China

US Human Rights Record

Mar. 30: China Condemns Olympic Bid Critics

Another Scholar Detained by China

Bush's Confrontational China Policy

Total Confession of Shijiazhuang Bomber

Japanese "Comfort Women" Denied Recognition

Mar. 29: The Fallacies of Falun Gong

Restoration of Ancient Buddha Statues in Tajikistan

Mar. 28: EU Concerned Over Israel's Excuses For Violence

An Eloquent Essay on Poverty

Mar. 27: Summary of Speech by Li Lu

Jesse Helms Nauseates Chinese

A Japanese Criticism of Japan's Warped History Texts

Labor Protests in Guizhou and Hunan Provinces

Mar. 26: An Update of Bush's China Policy

Mar. 24: Senior Chinese Colonel Defects to US

On the Rural Chinese and the WTO

Bush's New Anti-Chinese Military Strategy

Jin Ruchao Captured

Mar. 23: Shijiazhuang Update and Perspective

Bush Reassures China

More On Gao Zhan, Chinese Scholar

Mar. 22: US and China Agree to Differ

Chinese Scholars Protest Japanese History-Distorting Textbook

Mar. 21: North Korea Alters Stance Towards US

Mar. 20: Update of Maoist Rebels in Nepal

Manhunt for Killer Leaves Chinese Restless

Mar. 19: Chinese Girl Dies From Self-Immolation Injuries

Taliban Slaughter 100 Cows to Atone for Delay

Massive Covert US Spy-Satellite Program

Mar. 18: Vice-Premier Qian Qichen to Come to US, Meet Bush

Mar. 17: UNESCO Head Demands Sanctions Against Taliban

China Learns to Say "Sorry"

New Policy for Rural Chinese

Mar. 16: Israel Objects to UN Observers

Taliban Answer Critics of Buddha Demolition

Mar. 15: Bamiyan Buddhas Totally Destroyed

North Korea Steps Up Criticism of US

Mar.14: Annan Meets With Bangladesh and Nepal

Powell Calls Taiwan "China;" Washington Forced to Apologize

Mar. 13: China's Revised Marriage Laws

Mar.12: North Korea Calls Off Talks

Taliban Say Not Much of Buddhas Remain

Mar.11: Kim Dae Jung Returns Home From US, Bush Stonewalls Peace Efforts

Thailand's Meth Epidemic

The Jiangxi School Blast and Cover-Up

Mar. 10: Taliban Blow Away Head of Large Bamiyan Buddha

China's Urgent Fight Against Water Pollution

Mar. 9: Taliban Agree to UN Talks

Mar. 8: Bush's China Policy: An Analysis

Mar. 7: Artist Destroys All His Worldly Goods

Taliban Refuse Alternatives and Begin to Demolish Statues

Mar. 6: On the Loved Ones of Chinese Dissidents

China Criticizes US For Human Rights Double Standard

Mar. 4: World Buddhist Council Condemns Taliban

Taliban Reject Iran's Offer to Take Buddha Statues

Why Taliban is Destroying Cultural Heritage

Native English Speakers Outnumbered

Mar. 3: For Japan, Sorry is the Hardest Word

Taliban Plan to Blow Up World's Tallest Buddha Statues

The Arabic Reaction to the Taliban's Anti-Buddhism

Amnesty International Charges US With Exporting Torture Devices



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