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April News Archive

April 30: Hackers Post Pro-Chinese Rhetoric on US Sites

China to Let US Military Inspect Spy Plane

China Cautions Karmapa Lama

Shijiazhuang Bomber Executed

Customs Corruption in Shenzhen

April 29: China's Internet Cafes

International Labor Day Coming

Cambodian Buddhists March For Peace

Global Economy Slowing Down

April 28: Chinese Hackers Threaten May Day Attack

Links Between Burma and Japan

Koizumi Vows to Give Japan a Real Army

April 27: Beijing Attacks Taiwan Pledge

Confusion on Taiwan Policy

Bush on Dangerous Road, Warns China

April 26: Bush Talks Tough; China Summons US Envoy

Chinese in US Face Major Bias

Divorce Rate in China Shoots Up

April 25: HRIC (Human Rights in China) Press Release

China Condemns US Weapons Package For Taiwan

Sino-Sri Lanka Buddhist Foundation Established

Mummy Found at Mountain Range in Tibet

April 24: Bush Backs Down on High-Tech Weapon Sale to Taiwan

Reformer Set to Lead Japan

Religious Schools Hinder Progress in Malaysia

A Look at Indonesia

On the Suicide Attack Near Tel Aviv

April 23: Secret Paper Shows China Rift Over Tiananmen

Chinese-American Scholars Fearful of Becoming Victims

Americas Summit Ends With Pledge for Free Trade

April 22: On Expat Job Markets in China

April 21: Chinese Crackdown on Espionage

Chinese Learn How to Conquer English

Talks on Spy Plane Fail

Protesting Quebec City

April 20: China Joins "Dangerous Flight" Issue

Pentagon Considers Restarting Surveillance Flights

Chinese Experts Voice Opinions

April 19: Four Face Execution For Chinese Bombings

Protest Again Japanese Denial of Comfort Women

North Korea Likely Has Nuclear Weapons

April 18: US Determined to "Make China Pay"

Chinese Spiritual Leader Granted US Parole

Update on US-China Relations

US Team Arrives For Talks in China

April 17: Food Shortage Set to Worsen in North Korea

US Deploys Aircraft Carrier to South China Sea

April 16: China To Meet US Over Spy Missions

China Discovers Ancient Cretaceous Period Trees

Police Nervous After US Riots

Israel Attacks Syria

US Defense Department Studying New Nuclear Weapons

April 15: The Comments of Henry Kissinger on China

Internet Clampdown in China

On the New Pentagon Hawks

Wealth Gap Brings Fear of Strife in China

Text of American Formal Letter to China

"Tree Burials" in Shanxi Province

April 14: Text of Rumsfeld's Press Briefing on China Collision

Bush's Tone on China Still Restrained

US Plans "Robust" Talks With Chinese

April 13: Pentagon Blames Chinese Pilot for Collision

Analysis of "Face-Saving Deal"

China's Comments

April 12: Freed US Crew Flies Out of China

Holland Adopts World's First Euthanasia Bill

North Korea Denounces Bush Administration

April 11: The Hard-Line Anti-China "Blue Team" in US Govt.

China Frees US Spy Crew

April 9: On the Existing Chinese Power Structure

Asia Urges US Commitment to Kyoto Protocol

April 8: Chinese Pilot's Wife Sends Bush Emotional Letter

US Must Accept Responsibility

April 7: Pentagon's Views

April 6: EP-3 Flew Over Huge Chinese Military Base Before Crash

April 5: Powell Sends Personal Letter to Chinese Vice-Premier

Unified Indignation at Spy Plane Intrusion

April 3: Chinese Hold Crew of US Spy Plane

Chinese Authorities Have Boarded US Plane

US Plane, Crew Held in China

April 2: US Surveillance Plane Lands in China

Chinese Plane Crashes As Result

China Blames Jet Crash on US

Mutual Blame for Plane Collision

April 1: EU Moves to Establish Ties With Pyongyang

Violent South Korean Labor Protest

On China's Policy Towards Media

Asian Nations Unite to Save South China Sea

Dalai Lama Arrives in Taiwan

US Opts Out of Positive Climate Protocol






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