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Buddhist Teachings


(a chronological selection)


          The Internet brings forth an unparalleled dissemination of information, including a wide range of interpretation and commentary in the realm of Buddhist study and practice.  However, what I attempt to list here is a matter of a bare-bones approach.  It has occurred to me that as a practicing American Buddhist, many filters and obstacles are invariably placed between me and the old texts that helped inspire the practice. It is my sincere hope that both practitioners and curious onlookers take the time to read and study these ancient words.  This is not a matter of worship or reliance; it is a matter of knowing the roots of Buddhist practice.  Before we discard Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Japanese texts for the words of a living master, I feel we should at least do them the justice of a good read.  This is a carefully selected collection of translations of these old writings.  May they bring inspiration, reflection, and benefit to the reader.



The Pali Teachings



Later Indian Teachings



Teachings From China


Teachings From Korea


Teachings From Japan




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