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A Non-Profit National Pygmy Goat Association Affiliated Club


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Article I

Name of the organization


Section 1                The name of this organization shall be the North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club, NCPGC, hereafter referred to as the Club.



Article II



Section I                The purpose of the Club shall be the educational promotion of the Pygmy Goat to include, but not limited to, the owning, rearing, caring for, showing, breeding, and loving of the Pygmy Goat.



Article III

Fiscal Year


Section I                The fiscal year of this Club shall be the calendar year.



Article IV

Officers – Board of Directors


Section I                The officers of this organization shall be the elected positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, show chairman, and three members at large, and will include the past president.  This group shall be known as the Board of Directors.  New officers may be added or positions deleted at any time by majority vote of the membership.  It is the intention of the club to have as many families represented as possible.  Officers must be at least 18 year old.


Section II               Term of office for all officers shall be one (1) calendar year with the exception of members at large and past president.  Members at large will serve a three (3) year term with one member at large being elected each year.  Past president shall serve until the next past president moves in.  Any officer or member at large can be voted out by a 2/3 majority vote of the entire board if the board feels that person is not acting in the best interest of the club or is inefficiently discharging the duties of his or her office.


Section III              This Board of Directors shall manage the business and affairs of the club.  All actions taken by this board require a 2/3 majority vote by this board based on the number in the entire board.


Section IV              Unexpired terms of any of these officers that become vacant shall be filled by appointment with a majority vote of the board, except that vice president would replace a president automatically.


Section V               All officers shall be nominated at the November club meeting.  Nominee must be present or have someone appointed by him present at the meeting and be a member in good standing to be eligible for nomination.  Voting will be done after the close of nominations at this meeting by secret ballot.   New officers begin their duties on January 1 of the following year.



Article V

Duties of Officers


Section I                All board members are considered the Executive Board.  The board has the final say (vote) for the general welfare and management of the club.  The duties and positions on the Board are as follows, with duties added as needed:


A.      President – shall preside over and conduct all meetings of the club and shall insure the accomplishment of the purpose of the club.  Acts as a representative of the organization to outside persons and other organizations and is advisor to all committees.


B.       Vice President – shall perform the duties of president in his absences or in case he is no longer able to perform his duties.  Is a member of all committees.


C.       Secretary – shall be the corresponding and recording officer of the organization.  Shall supply the minutes of all meetings to the newsletter editor by the first of each month after the meeting for publication in the next newsletter.  Shall supply a copy of these minutes to all board members before the next meeting.  Shall receive all membership applications and renewals and the dues and forward the dues to the treasurer for deposit.  Shall keep an up-to-date membership list and will forward a copy of this list to the newsletter editor to be included in the newsletter quarterly.


D.      Treasurer – shall take charge of and be responsible for all funds of the club.  Shall be responsible to provide a financial report at every meeting of the organization as well as the latest bank statement.  A financial report shall be mailed to the newsletter editor monthly for inclusion in the next published newsletter.  Shall pay all bills of the club not to exceed $1000.00 and not more than available in the treasury, without consent of the President. If any expenditure exceeds $1000.00, the Board will be notified of the expenditure within one week.


E.        Show Chairman – Coordinates club efforts to ensure success of shows.  Works with each individual show secretary to insure everything is covered in their show planning to include sanction, choice of judges follows the club requirements, expenditures are in line with normal fees, facilities are arranged, and everything else required for each show.


F.       Past President and Members at large – will have a vote on all issues affecting the club at all functions where they are present.  Members at large may not hold any other office but may serve as chair or member of any committee for the club.


Section II               After each term of office all outgoing officers will turn over any records that are club related to the appropriate incoming officer.



Article VI



Section I                There shall be a minimum of four (4) meetings per year for all members, to coincide with shows when possible. Other meetings may be held as needs dictate. All meetings will be announced beforehand in the newsletter or via e-mail or postal mail.  Board meetings may be called as needed by the president or by three (3) members of the board.


Section II               The annual meeting shall be the November meeting in which nominations and elections are held.     



Article VII

Amendments, adoptions, and repeals


Section I                Amendments, adoptions, or repeals to these By-laws require that they be announced in the newsletter, and then voted upon. A voting slip will be provided in that newsletter to be returned within 30 days. The President will read these By-laws at the first meeting of the year every other year.



Article VIII



Section I                Any individual, household, firm or organization interested in any aspect of the pygmy goat is eligible for membership in the club.


Section II               Membership dues are annual and due in January for existing members. Each membership shall represent an individual person, single household, single firm or single organization.  A household is defined as those persons living together under one roof as a family.  A firm is defined as a for profit business.  An organization is defined as a named group of like minded individuals.  All adults over the age of 18 represented by an individual or household membership are allowed one vote each.  A membership that represents a firm or business has one vote.  No one person shall have more than one vote. The amount of dues for existing and new members shall be set by and can be changed by a majority vote of the Board. A poll of all members is suggested to change the dues amount when possible.


Section III              Anyone wishing to serve on the board, as a committee chair or member, or in any other appointed or elected position must be a current member in good standing.  Members of the board, committee chairs and committee members, and all other members serving in appointed or elected positions must maintain their membership in good standing and pay their dues no later than January 31 of the year they are due.  If membership should lapse the position shall be considered vacated.


Section IV              Any member may be reprimanded for any action that is deemed unethical or detrimental to the proper function and purpose of the club by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board, which may include removal from the club.  Any reprimand or removal would require diligent investigation by the board and would insure the individual being investigated would have an opportunity to respond to all allegations brought against him.



Article IX



Section I                Committees will consist of a minimum of two (2) members, a Committee Chair and the vice president.


Section II               Committees will be volunteer positions appointed by the president as necessary to insure normal operation of the club and to allow time for research on a given topic.  Committees may be appointed for the term of the president or for the time needed to do the assigned task.


Section III              Examples of committees that may be needed, but not limited to are:

                                Membership Committee

                                Fund Raising Committee

                                Archives Committee

                                Education Committee

                                Charter and By-laws Committee

                                Individual Show Committee


Section IV              All committee chairs will be responsible for a report of activities and expenses at each club meeting.  If a committee chair is unable to attend a meeting the report should be forwarded to the vice president for presentation at the meeting.



Article X

Newsletter Editor


Section I                The newsletter editor shall be an appointed position, appointed by the board.


Section II               The editor shall be responsible for getting articles and interview from members or other avenues and publishing the newsletter.  The editor has the right to edit any questionable or controversial articles that are not for the good of the club.


Section III              An expense equal to the total dues of the members will be used to print and distribute all newsletters for that year.  Any expenses above this amount will require prior approval of the board.



Article XI



Section I                Should the club ever dissolve, the funds and all property will be turned over to the Southern Pygmy Goat Club if they are still in existence.  If they are not then all property and funds will be turned over to the NPGA.



Article XII

Parliamentary Authority


Section I                The rules contained in the latest edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern this club in all instances when they are applicable and not inconsistent with these By-laws and any other special rules the club has in effect.


Revised 11/2010


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