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Welcome to the 2016 NPGA Convention

Hosted by the North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club

June 22 - 28, 2016

Cleveland County Fairgrounds

Shelby, North Carolina

Visit our Facebook page for our great fundraiser promotions!  Get cool stuff and support the NPGA Convention!


Our Donors/Sponsors

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Origami Owl - Tracy Carter




Class Sponsors

National Champion Doe
National Champion Buck
Bill and Lynda Gredin, Lynbil Pygmy's
Royersford, PA

National Champion Wether
Teen Showmanship
Crossroads Pygmy Goat Association
Region 6

National Champion Wether
April and Susan Seiler, Ahsum Pygmies
Peoria, AZ

Senior Bucks 5 years and over
Rachael Sheeder, R.S. Farms
East Freedom, PA
In memory of Hope Hill Farm's Christmas Star.

 Youth Showmanship
Chris, Cheri & Berlin Raidl, Pierce Plantation Farms
Thibodaux, LA

Wethers 2 to under 3 years
Senior Does 30 to under 36 months
Senior Bucks 30 to under 36 months
Keystone Pygmy Goat Club
Region 5

Junior Does 15 to under 18 months
Greeley, CO

Senior Does 5 to under 6 years
Jackie Smith, Pretty View Acres
Pylesville, MD
In memory of Pretty View Acres Little Wendy

Pee Wee Showmanship
Junior Does 18 to under 21 months
Gina Miller, Valle Verde Pygmies
Ferndale, CA
In memory of Starry Mtn. Farm's Rhadamanthys "Rhad"

Senior Does 24 to under 30 months
Darren and Jessica Watkins, Cracklin Oaks Farm
Alva, FL