Darling Love and his half brother Pleasant Love came to Ark in the pioneer days.

Darling Love (my grand father) was reared in South Carolina and was the son of James and Mary Love. He married Cerena Little who was reared about Concord and Charlotte. I do not remember her father's name but her step mother's name was Mary. She was the only child of the first family.

To this couple there was ten children born, two died in infancy, the others were all grown and the most of them married and reared families here. Their names were Julia Ann, James, Hartwell, Calvin, Loranga Dow, R. D., Madrid, and Delphia, all are gone except R. D. who is 87 years old and lives at 2610 Eugene St. Dallas Texas.

Grand father and grand mother came here when this country was a wilderness and only a few settlers. They first built a rail pen and lined it with quilts, there the wolves would come and howl around every night. Grand father hewed logs and called in the neighbors to help build a one room house this was about three miles east of here on what is now the great senic hwy. #64. He cleared a lot of very fine land in the Ark. River bottoms and was a prosperous farmer of his day.

When the war between the States broke out he sent five sons to fight for what they thought was right. Only two returned and one still survives.

They were old school Presbyterians and reared their children to be Christians. They gave their children the best school advantages the country afforded and now it is showing in the grand children and great grand children. There are many high school and college graduates. Yes, and some real leaders in the different walks of life.

Grand father died July 31 1880 at the age of 67 years and grand mother Oct 1895 at 82 years. Twenty five grand children still survive and seventy-seven great grand children.

I do not think Pleasant Love [came] until later. He located near here and raised a large family also. There was also a John Petray and Tommy Reed located near and I am quite sure they came from the Carolinas perhaps before Grand father. Their families are still here also.

I hope this will be some information to you.

Mrs. Robt. Bigham Henry


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