A Love Family History

In Memory of James Adam Love
1886 - 1939
Growing up in Charlotte NC, I remember so many times my mother telling of the Love Family Reunion and homecomings held at Love’s Chapel UMC in Stanfield NC. She remembers a man standing before the congregation reading from the history. Old Mump Love leaned forward with ear horn in hand listening carefully to every word said. Following the program, the gathering adjourned to the church grounds where a great spread of food awaited. Just a little girl then, my mother remembers large barrels of ice tea and the pleasures of family and fellowship. It is almost as if I were there.

The history presented in these early reunions was the work of my mother’s Uncle James Adam Love. Born 21 Jan 1886, he attended and graduated from Trinity College (now Duke University) in Durham NC. At some point “Uncle Adam” began his search to retrace our family roots. It is said that Adam Love drove the wheels off of a new Ford car journeying to research records in Washington DC. And it is he who wrote the papers entitled The Rocky River Love Family that have been read by so many since.

James Adam Love died 6 Apr 1939 and is buried at Love’s Chapel. His papers were sought out among the surviving family. A letter from his collection was given to his sister (my Grandmother), Minnie Ann Love. It is a correspondence Uncle Adam had received from a cousin in Pope County AR whose ancestors had left Stanly County back in the mid 1800’s. Mrs. Robert Bigham Henry wrote of her grandfather Darling Love and of that family’s rich history. Recently I visited Helen Tucker Obermeier in Stanly County NC where I learned of the existence of Adam’s response to the letter written by Mrs. Henry. From a typed copy obtained from Myra Norwood, Helen allowed me to copy James Adam Love's letter of reply. Written in August 1932, he announced success in what was the first ever Love Family Reunion. He writes of a day of reading and singing and confirms the spirited event just as has been passed down to me by my mother.

James Adam Love researched the family during a time when the old graveyards were still in existence. And he knew of tales now forgotten. Modern times and the need for usable farmland have nearly destroyed the old landmarks. And even the farms are now vanishing. And yet, when James Adam and others of his day sought the truth of their family, records were not readily available. Sources had not been indexed and crude lines of communication made the task much more difficult. For this reason, I seek first to trace and retrace the records and will honestly present all findings. Second, I seek any new ideas on this old story in hopes of creating a more accurate image of our past. And finally, I hope to compare both the findings and any differing points of view.

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