Darling Love
Son of James Love
Very possibly the son of James and Polly Tucker Love

Born 19 Aug 1815, in likely Cabarrus County NC, Darling Love is the son of James Love. The timing of his birth creates an issue as to who his parents may be. The debate is rooted in traditional history as compared to the interpretation of legal records.

From his obituary, we know for sure that James Love, husband of Mary Ingram Love, died in 1821. He wrote a last will and testament that did not survive. Only one item and issues related to settlement can be found in court records. After the Executor passed away, the court appointed George Tucker III administrator of the estate. The son of George and Mary McCloory Tucker, this George Tucker, as per marriage record, married “Ester Love.” She is traditionally believed to be Esther Belle Carriker, second wife and widow of James Love whose first wife was positively Mary Ingram. In October 1824, George Tucker was appointed Guardian for “Darling, Pleasant, Hartwell S., and Sally N. Love.” George Reed and John Reed posted a $4,000 security bond. In January 1825, George Tucker made a “Return of estate for minor heirs by guardian.” So from family tradition and this record, it has been believed that George Tucker’s wife is the mother of the above with James Love being the father.

Recently documentation has arisen giving much weight to long held doubt as to this thinking. In Cabarrus County, there is yet another younger James Love who in 1820 is enumerated with children whose ages match perfectly to be Darling and siblings. And back in 1813, a James Love married Polly Tucker in Cabarrus County. And also a roster of Cabarrus County men serving in the War of 1812 lists a “James Love.” Neither this nor the marriage has ever been adequately explained. There is no way our ancestor, the elder James Love, could have served in the War of 1812. He was too old. Helen Tucker Obermier recently brought to light a War of 1812 Bounty and Pension Application that explains this situation. On behalf of her deceased husband, the once Mary Tucker stated that she in fact married James Love. He served in the War of 1812 and died soon after. She then married in 1828 David Brooks. He died soon after and she lived out the remainder of her life unmarried. Looking back at the court and census records, it now appears that two men of the name James Love died at nearly the same time in Cabarrus County. The two individual estate records are indistinguishable as appears in the court books. It even appears that what we may be seeing the death of James “our elder” and his son of same name. That, or the younger James is a grandson. The relationship is secured in the fact that Jonah Love witnessed on behalf of the claim made by Mary Tucker Love Brooks. For further discussion, please take a look at James and Polly Tucker Love.

Dated 2 Apr 1833, Darling Love married Serena Little in Cabarrus County NC. Lewis Tucker served as bondsman. He is the brother of George Tucker III who married Esther [Carriker] Love. Lewis also married Mary, the daughter of Jonah Love, son of elder James Love. Lewis and Mary ended up in Pope County Arkansas. Born 31 Dec 1814, Darling’s wife Serena is the daughter of Daniel Jr. and Mary Honeycutt Little.

Fellow searcher John B. Hagler pointed out the following newspaper notice:

Charlotte Journal
3 March 1837

$30 Reward

RANAWAY from the subscriber, living in Mecklenburg County, about the 1st of October last, a Negro man by the name of JIM, aged about 27 years, and about 6 ft. high, of yellow complexion. He was purchased of Darling Love, of Cabarrus County, and I suspect he is lurking about Read’s Gold Mine, in that county. I will give the above reward to any person that will apprehend, or lodge him in any jail, so that I get him.

John K. Harrison
March 2, 1837

Land records in North Carolina only begin to tell the story of Darling Love. Within a year of the above newspaper announcement, dated 11 Nov 1837, Darling and Pleasant Love sold to James S. Russell 34 acres (13-129, Cabarrus County NC) along Rocky River. Mostly on the east side of Rocky River, and yet crossing over, this land “below the mill in Peter Teeter’s corner” appears to be located near where present day Hwy 24-27 crosses the river. In this deed of trust, and due to unnamed debts, James Russell was allowed to have one-third profits of the mills for twelve months. Dated 14 May 1838, this same deed of trust was filed anew with the addition of the following clause: “I assign my right and title of this deed of trust to John Garman, for values received.” signed: James S. Russell. Dated 20 Apr 1838, Darling sold to his brother Hartwell S. Love 112 acres of land on the east side of Rocky River (14-98, Cabarrus County NC) adjoining lands of Henry Reed dec’d, Reed’s division of David Kiser, George H. Teeter, and the mill tract. Sixty-five acres of the above can be accounted for in a deed dated 16 Feb 1838 (14-100, Cabarrus County NC). At that time, Peter Teeter sold to Darling Love land in the same area. We have not been able to yet identify the source of Darling’s other lands on the east side of Rocky River. It may have descended through his father or grandfather’s estate.

Darling Love Moves to Arkansas

Beginning in the early 1830’s, a large and continuing migration carried people from Cabarrus/Montgomery Counties NC to Kentucky, Illinois and Pope County Arkansas. Darling began selling off his lands in North Carolina just prior to moving west in 1838. His last known record in North Carolina appears when the above deeds were entered in the minutes of the July Session of the Cabarrus County Court of Pleas and Quarter Session. Darling likely left in late summer of that year. The family moved several times living on lands situated between the Arkansas River, Russellville and Pottsville AR.

In the early 1900’s, Darling Love’s granddaughter Mrs. Robt. Bigham Henry wrote a letter to James Adam Love who is my Great Uncle and one of her Stanly Co. NC cousins. He wrote the history known as The Rocky River Love Family. Though some of the information conflicts with known records, the letter does provide a glimpse into the past life of Darling Love. She states that Darling was born in “South Carolina.” We believe Darling to be born in Cabarrus County NC. Several other statements within the letter raise questions of importance to this history. One being the wording in which Mrs. Henry begins the letter by stating that “Darling Love came to Ark. with his half brother Pleasant Love.” If it is true that Darling is the son of James and Polly Tucker Love, then it appears the two boys were actually full brothers.

Not yet having determined how he acquired his first lands in Arkansas, ownership is realized as he began to sell several tracts beginning as early as1851. The deeds are as follows:

Deed (D-57, Pope County AR) 14 Mar 1853. For 200, Darling sold to Edney Lankford, 90 acres identified as a portion of Sec. 3 Twp 6 North Range 20 West. This land was situated on the Arkansas River just west of Hollar Bend. John B. Curtis witnessed the transaction. I do not understand one particular clause in this and other transactions by Darling Love: “…to him in hand paid by the said John F. Oates the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, for the use and benefit of Ransom Desha Love as well as by authority of an act passed by the general assembly of the state of Arkansas A. D. 1852 and 53.” Darling did have a son Ransom D. Love born in 1849. Does this refer to he, or could this indicate Darling’s full name is Ransom Darling Love? In one of the deeds, the name is identified as “Ransom Deshi Love.
Deed (D-320, Pope County AR) 2 May 1853. For $275, Darling sold to Thomas Russell, 160 acres identified as a portion of Sec. 15 Twp. 7 North Range 20 West. This land is situated a few miles southeast of Russellville. Appearing to be a home place, the agreement includes “a certain dwelling house, stables, out houses and orchard. Jacob Harkey and N. D. Shinn witnessed the transaction filed in court 2 May 1853.
Deed (E-35, Pope County AR) 12 Dec 1853. For $400, Darling and wife Loveny Love sold to John F. Oates, two lots containing a total of 80 acres. Identified as a lots 9 and 7, being a portion of Section Sec. 16 Twp 7 Range 20 West. This land is a few miles south of Russellville. In making this agreement, Darling took financial responsibility for a $160 bond dated 23 Jul 1849 that was outstanding to the School Commission of Pope County.N. D. Shinn and John Oates witnessed the transaction.
Deed (E-39, Pope County AR) 13 Dec 1853. For $800, Darling sold160 acres to John F. Oates. N. D. Shinn and John Oates witnessed. Identified as a portion of section 15 in Twp 7 Range 20 West, this land is located a few miles southeast of Russellville. This appears to be the same land as above.”

Then on 19 Apr 1856, and due to debt owed, Darling and wife Cerena Love deeded to his brother-in-law William A. Burkhead, the following described tract. Being a portion of Sec. 18 Twp 6 North Range 19 (E-420, Pope County AR). This land was in Holla Bend.

In 1963, Hugh Dudley Morton wrote a history of Darling Love Family in Arkansas. My mother had a copy of the writings used it to raise us kids to know and appreciate the fact that part of her family traveled west as early American pioneers. I grew up imagining those first days in Arkansas, with wolves being held at bay by quilts hung over crudely built pens. Using the following two paragraphs, Mr. Morton sets the stage for his story. Compare the writings to that provided earlier by Mrs. Robt. Bigham Henry to our North Carolina cousin:

Three older children of Darling and Cerena Little Love –James Allison, Lorenzo Dow, and Julia or Julian – were born in Cabarrus County N. C. The family emigrated to Pope County, Arkansas and settled 3 or 4 miles east of Russellville on the old Military Road in 1838. Later moved to or near Norristown, two miles south west of Russelville, and in 1853 moved to Holla Bend Township about ten miles south east of Russellville where he lived the remainder of his life time. It was here that Madred Love was married to R. O. Morton. The old residence with some acreage was inherited by Madred L. Morton and retained in the family until 1945 when the heirs of Madred L. Morton sold the property to Will H. Rankin, Pottsville, Arkansas.

Federal troops invaded Pope County and the Holla Bend Community in September 1863. On September 3rd, 1863, Darling Love, with his younger son, R. D. Love, left home as refugees and went to Ellis Co. Texas. On September 10th Shelby fell back from Dardenelle and the enemy took possession of all surrounding territory, including Holla Bend, Pope County. In December 1864 Darling Love made his way through the Federal lines and took his wife with him back to Ellis Co. TX, where she remained until the surrender. Darling Love was in the Army with several of his sons much of the war. R. D. Love was too young to go but wishing to be in the service slipped away April 1 1864, and joined the southern forces in Louisiana near Pleasant Hill, where this group was in conflict with Federal General Banks. He arrived at sun down and was ordered into the line of attack within one hour of his arrival.

This last paragraph was taken from a statement by R. D. Love in his own handwriting that was dated October 11, 1927.)

Darling Love died on 31 Jul 1881. His obituary reads as follows:

LOVE – On July 21, 1881, at his residence in Pope County, Arkansas, Darling Love in the 66th year of his age.

Darling Love was born August 19th 1815 in Cabarrus County, N. C. Married the daughter of Daniel and Mary Little, of the same county, on the 3rd day of April, 1833. Emigrated to Arkansas in 1838. Connected himself with the Presbyterian Church at Norristown about the year 1843. Was one of the original members that organized a new church at Mt. Zion in 1871 in which he was elected deacon and served as the same until he was called away.

The last few months of his life were spent in unusual solemnity and careful reading of God’s word; would sometimes say to his companion; “I will not live long and you will be left behind.”

In the absence of his pastor his death bed was attended by a Baptist; but his illness was so short and so severe as to deprive family and friends of the blessed privilege of conversing with him about his departure and offering him words of Christian comfort in his tryng hour as was their wish to do.

He left a bereaved wife and five children to mourn his loss, but praising God for the hope that their loss is His gain, they have submitted to Jehovah’s chastening hand and say, “Thy will be done.”

Cerena Little Love lived until 27 Oct 1895. She is buried beside her husband at Zion. In a cemetery overgrown with wild flowers, weeds and vines, the three grave stones below mark the resting place (left to right)of Cerena Little Love, Darling Love, and their daughter Arkadelphia Love Brown.

Knowing that Darling was raised in a family with deep roots anchored upon the Methodist Church, on a recent fact finding trip to Arkansas, I sought to learn more about the Presbyterian church and why he grew away from his upbringing. From literature found in collections held at the Pope County heritage room, I learned that a preacher was holding meetings in Norristown. Just a bit east of present day Russellville, near where Darling lived, it appears was the first church or congregation. But soon thereafter, in 1839, settlers from North Carolina persuaded the minister to hold several camp meetings under a large oak tree in what is now central Russellville. A Methodist Church was built on the spot and later moved a few blocks. Today this site serves as the public cemetery for the town of Russellville. Walking through the several blocks of graveyard, it is easy to see the first buried were part of this early Methodist community. But as written in all accounts, the Methodist Church in now Russellville grew from a Presbyterian preacher in Norristown.

As written in a newspaper article dated 5 May 1910, M. G. Hearn recounted the history of “Old Norris Town and Mt. Zion Presbyterian Churches. He states that on 30 may 1870, eleven members, including Darling Love founded a new Presbyterian Church. A. K. Henry and M. G. Hearn were appointed ruling elders and Darling Love served as deacon. By 1910 the church building had been sold and removed. But if you drive out Highway 247 in the direction of Pottsville, you will pass to your right Mount Zion road. Now not more than a small farming lane, the church once stood near its end. All that remains is the cemetery. The historical plaque above is located at the intersection of Highway 247 and Mount Zion road.

The children of Darling and Cerena Little Love are:

A. James Allison Love

James Alison Love married Nannie Blair of Johnson County AR. He fought in the Civil War and died 10 Aug 1861 at Oak Hill near Springfield MO. There are no known children for James A. and Nannie Blair Love.

B. Lorenzo Dow Love

Lorenzo was killed on 12 Dec 1864 near Dardanville AR while serving in the Civil War.

C. Hartwell Spain Love

Hartwell is named for his uncle from North Carolina. Hartwell died of illness in Dec. 1862 while involved in Van Dorn's retreat from Cane Hill.

D. Calvin McDaniel Love

Calvin McDaniel Love was born 8 Mar 1842 and died 19 Oct 1896. After serving for the duration of the Civil War, he returned to Pope County AR where he married Susan Saloma Darr of Atkins AR. The children of Calvin McDanial and Susan S. Darr Love are:

A. Etta Alison Love Born 11 nov 1867 died 3 Feb 1965, she married Tucker Biggers who died 18 Dec 1945. The children of Tucker and Etta Alison Love Biggers are: A.) Rhea Biggers b. 27 Sep 1890 d. 23 Jun 1953, married Thomas Howell; B.) Opal Biggers b. 21 Nov 18994 d. 8 Mar 1932, married A. J. Croom; and C.) Sybil Biggers b. 30 Apr 1898, married Barney C. Gorham.
B. Edgar Osgood Love Born 16 Jul 1869 in Pope County AR, he married Sidney Blanche McFarland born 3 Dec 1869 in Henry County TN. Edgar died 17 Oct 1933 in Tyrone OK. His wife died 23 Mar 1945. Edgar Osgood and Sidney B. McFarland Love had one child: A.) Robert Earl Love b. 17 Mar 1895 in Palmer TX. He married Emma Louise Wray in Bliss OK.
C. Mary Iona Love Born 7 Apr 1871, she married Moses Byrd. At the time of her mother’s death, according o the loose estate papers, Mary lived in Oklahoma. The children of Moses and Mary Iona Love Byrd are: A.) Millard Byrd; B.) Calvin Byrd; C.) Sybil Byrd; D.) Roy Byrd; E.) Edgar Byrd; and F.) Otis Byrd.
D. James Hartwell Love Born 19 Apr 1875 and died 8 Jul 1909. He married Jessie Williamson of Russellville AR. The children of James H. and Jessie Williamson are: A.) Edgar Love, Jr. and B.) Lucile Love.
E. Mamie Darr Love Born 7 nov 1880, she married Ben Winfrey. At the time of her mother’s death, according to the loose estate papers. Mamie lived in Calumet OK. The children of Ben and Mamie Darr Love Winfrey are: A.) Isla Winfrey, married Mr. Howerton; B.) Rita Winfrey.

E. Ransom Desha Love

Ransom D. Love was born 29 Nov 1846 and died 26 Mar 1934. He married 14 Mar 1867 Mary Susan Weir. She died 26 Mar 1934. The children of Ransom D. and Mary Susan Weir Love are:

A. Jerome Dow Love Born 12 Mar 1866 and died 14 Dec 1948 at El Paso TX. He married 21 Apr 1902 Ollie Payne who was born 15 Decd 1878 and died 17 Jan 1956. The children of Jerome Dow wand Ollie Payne Love are: A.) Cornelia Love b. 12 Nov 1910, married 1 Jun 1935 Jerome Dale; B.) Frederick Love b. 25 Dec 1912, married first Viola Biles in 1939 and second Joanne McCool in 1951.
B. Ida Margaret Love Born 4 Jan 1873, she married 14 Jul 1895 P.L. A. Jeffers who was born 9 Oct 1867. Ida died 23 Jun 1961 and her husband died 6 Feb 1947. The children of P.L.A. and Ida Margaret Love Jeffers are: A.) Masal Jeffers b. 27 Jun 1896; B.) Leroy Jeffers b. 29 Apr 1898, married 16 Nov 1919 Wiwnnifred Boyd; C.) William Marvin Jeffers b. 17 Feb 1899, married 8 Oct 1926 Theresa Marshall; D.) Jerome Calvin Jeffers b. 5 Apr 1905 d. 10 Apr 1959, married Nora Barnes d. 1935; E.) Paul Hugh Jeffers b. 20 Jan 1908 married 14 Feb 1932 Lydia Brousard; F.) Jack Desha Jeffers b. 19 Jul 1912 d. 25 Aug 1958, married 21 Jan 1945 Margaret Allen; and G.) Margaret Isabel JEffers b. 27 Feb 1914 d. 19 Oct 1956, married 8 Jun 1944 Marion Russelll Light.
C. Mae Love She married William Hayes of Sardis MS and died soon after.
D. Calvin Franklin Love Married 30 May 1896 Mrs. Mollie Smith Haley.

F. Julia Love

Julia married William M. Williamson. He was killed in the Civil War at the battle of Shiloh The children of W. M. and Julia Love Williamson are:

A. Darling Williamson He married and lived in Dallas
B. Sallie Williamson She married first Mr. Irving in Arkansas and Second James Worley. Sallie and James died in San Antonio

Julia Love Williamson married second Robert Whitesides. Their children are:

A. Lee Whitesides
B. Edd Whitesides
C. Walter Whitesides
D. Ella Whitesides
E. Lucy Whitesides She married Jack Collins.

G. Sarah M. Love

Sarah was born 1845 and died 28 Sep 1862 at 14 years of age.

H. Madred Eldona Love

Madred was born 29 Jun 1851 and died 28 Sep 1926. She married Reuben Oliver Morton on 16 Dec 1873. He was born 27 Oct 1847 and died 28 Feb 1935 in Dumas TX. The Children of Reuben Oliver and Madred Eldona Love are:

A. Thomas H. Morton b. 24 Nov 1874. He was killed by robbers in Houston TX.
B. Cerena Morton She was born 3 MAr 1876 and died 12 Sep 1876
C. Louis Allen Morton He was born 19 Aug 1877 and married 13 Sep 1904 Nellis Ione Love of Mountain Home AR. Their children are: A.) Wm Allen Morton b. 6 Jan 1906 d. 15 Apr 1907 at Arkadelphia AR; B.) Louis Allen Morton Jr. born 28 Apr 1908 Commanche OK and died in Duncan OK 21 Oct 1954; C.) Nell Morton b. 20 Feb 1911 d. 11 Nov 1914 Duncan OK; D.) James Reuben Morton b. 3 Feb 1913 d. 17 Feb 1913; E.) Joy Louise Morton b. 5 Sep 1915, married 9 Sep 1939 Bill Hart; F.) Sue Blanche Morton b. 26 Sep 1917, married 29 Jan 1944 Capt. Albert R. Stockwell; G.) James Carnes Morton b. 28 Jul 1921, married 16 Jul 1944; and H.) Martha Marie Morton b. 11 Jan 1928
D. Hugh Dudley Morton Born 13 Jan 1880, married 20 Sep 1903 Ina Belle Love of Mountain Home AR. much of the information about the Darling Love family is the result of diligent research by this Hugh Morton...In memory, thanks! The Children of Hugh Dudley and Ina Belle Love are: A.) Infant son still born 27 Jun 1904; B.) Hugh Paul Morton b. 15 Jul 1905, married 25 May 1930 Johnnie Bearden; C.) Robert Fred Morton b. 2 Oct 1906 d. 25 Jun 1907; D.) Herbert Ray Morton b. 10 Feb 1910, married 10 Jun 1939 Alice Hughes; and E.) Frances Evelyn Morton b. 1 Jan 1917 at Fort Worth TX, married 29 Aug 1839 Rev. James W. Kelly.
E. Lorenzo Dow Morton b. 3 Mar 1881 d. 25 Feb 1948 Dumas TX, married 26 Dec 1921 Winnie Sharp. No Children. Wwinnie married second A. J. Mayfield.
F. Lillie Belle Morton She was born 21 Jul 1883 and married 16 Dec 1903 Will H. Rankin. The children of William and Lillie Belle Morton Rankin are: A.) Lillie Erma Rankin b. 23 Dec 1904, married 27 Jul 1930 Rev. Verlon A. Geeo; B.) Thurston Rankin b. 21 Oft 1906, married Maybell Murial Brown; C.) Thelma Agness Rankin b. 8 Jun 1908, married 19 Jan 1932 Paul William Teeter; D.) Curtis Hayden Rankin b. 4 Feb 1910, married 14 Sep 1935 Carolyn Simmon; and E.) Carl Morton Rankin b. 4 Apr 1916, married 24 Jun 1938 Lorene Wylie
G. Mary Corrine Morton Born 7 Sep 1885, married 29 Dec 1909 J. Egbert Allmon of Pottsville AR. The children of J. Egbert and Mary Corrine Morton Allmon are: A.) J. Egbert Allmon b. 16 Mar 1912, married 21 Sep 1941 Nannie Clark Smith; B.) Jewell D. Allmon b. 1 Jun 1913, married 7 Mar 1948 Jackson Dowden
H. Arkadelphia Morton Born 31 Dec 1887, she married 27 Oct 1910 Neil M. Campbell.
I. Zoe Blanche Morton Born 20 Mar 1890, she married 15 May 1928 John N. Nelson. They had one child; A.)Mary Love Nelson b. 19 Jul 1930, married 29 Dec 1952 Clark Mclemore.

I. Arkadelphia Love

Arkadelphia Love was born 17 Jun 1854 and died30 Jun 1890. She married 18 Jan 1873 Holly D. Brown. The children of Holly D. and Arkedelphia Love are:

A. Carrie Brown Born 14 Oct 1873 and died 27 Apr 1959, she married 26 Nov 1895 Robert Henry. The children of Robert and Carrie Brown Henry are: A.) Robert Floyd Henry b. 18 Dec 1897, married Nov 1930 Nadine Young; B.) Andrew Brown Henry b. 21 Jul 1900 married 31 Dec 1935 Neda Ruth Jackson; and C.) Mary Elizabeth Henry b. 17 Apr 1909, married 14 Jun 1935 Norman John Kroencke.
B. Lydia Ola Brown Born 25 Jun 1875 died 12 Feb 1958, married 29 Apr 1896 Moses Overstreet Jones born 9 Feb 1866 died 17 Sep 1933. Their children are: A.) Charles Otis Jones b. 3 Feb 1897, married 26 Dec 1920 Ethel Lawson; B.) Le Olah Bernice Jones b. 9 Jun 1900, married 27 Dec 1924 Joseph Earnest Eason b. 16 Nov 1898; C.) Miriam Lucile Jones b. 3 Sep 1910, married 30 Jun 1934 Francis Kevil Holliday.
C. Mary Etta Brown Born 2 Nov 1878 died 22 Jun 1931, married 8 Nov 1901 George Harris born 12 Nov 1877. The children of George and Mary Etta Brown Harris are: A.) James Clyde Harris b. 5 Jan 1905, married 28 Sep 1929 Nettie Cline Anders; B.) Bessie Lee Harris b. 13 Oct 1906, married 27 Jun 1931 Horace Lee Bowden; C.) Infant son b. and d. 30 Mar 1903.
D. Bessie Brown Born 9 May 1878, married 25 Dec 1901 Yancey Barron born 25 Aug 1877. The children of Yancey and Bessie Brown Barron are: A.) Sidna Rea b. 10 Jan 1903, married 29 Apr 1925 Louis Houston McClain.
E. Horace Edwin Brown Born 29 Jun 1880 died 28 Oct 1950. He married 25 Dec 1904 Lelia Abbott. The children of Horace Edwiwn and Lelia Abbott Brown are: A.) Leola Brown b. 25 Nov 1906, married 23 Dec 1926 Harold Martin b. 25 Feb 1906; B.) Hollie Felix Brown b. 22 May 1907, married Mildred Maudie Davis; C.) Edwin LeRoy Brown b. 27 Nov 1908, married 27 Nov 1934 Maudie Davis b. 26 Jun 1915; D.) Howard Daniel Brown b. 29 Oct 1910, married 13 Sep 1934 Vera Estell Vaun b. 16 Nov 1914; E.) James Home Brown b. 13 Jun 1912, married 13 Jun 1936 Reba Duncan b. 16 Sep 1915; F.) Iona Nola Brown b. 21 Jun 1917, married 5 Jul 1938 Howard Jonathan Studdard b. 25 Jun 1919; G.) Lewis William Brown b. 15 Feb 1920, married 20 Mar 1940 Geraldine Hillis b. 17 Sep 1926; H.) Robert Lyn Brown b. 29 Aug 1914, married 8 Feb 1935 Evelyn Jewel Williams b. 17 Oct 1918; I.) Dorothy Jane Brown b. 9 Dec 1921, married first 19 Feb 1946 Carl Range Jr., second on 10 Feb 1949 Walter Looper and third on 1 Dec 1951 John Truman Claunch; J.) Horace Henry Brown b 26 Jan 1924, married 11 Jun 1947 Bobby Jean Gaulden b. 15 Nov 1926.
F. Chester Winfred Brown Born 2 Aug 12 and died 21 Nov 1961, married 20 Nov 1907 Allie Mae Copeland b. 19 Dec 1887. The children of Chester and Allie Mae Copeland Brown are: A.) Infant son b. 23 Jul 1908 d. 12 Aug 1908; B.) Gothual Brown b. 19 Jun 1909, married 16 Aug 1931 Preston Smith b. 19 Jul 1937; C.) May Delphia Brown b. 20 Dec 1910, married 31 Aug 1935 William Anthony Simmons b. 18 Jan 1908; D.) La Neyl Brown b. 30 May 1917, married 18 Sep 1957 Andrew Maurice Bray b. 27 Aug 1909; E.) Chestal Brown b. 3 May 1921, married 15 Oct 1939 Wayne Sullivan b. 88 Oct 1918.
G. Annie Roan Brown Born 4 Jan 1885, married 8 Apr 1903 Dr. Samuel Lyn Wadley born 21 Aug 1883 died 30 Nov 1940. The children of Samuel and Annie Roan Brown Wadley are: A.) Chester Muir Wadley b. 21 Aug 1906 , married Mary Louise Martin b. 10 Mar 1914; B.) Annie Lyn Wadley b. 1 Nov 1911, married 25 Sep 1935 Clement Lanier b. 25 Dec 1911.
H. Eva Lee Brown Born 14 Nov 1886, married 23 Dec 1904 Charles Frnklin Farrar b. 21 Sep 1882. Their children are: A.) Edna Ruth Farrar b. 30 Mar 1908 d. 13 Jan 1911; B.) Charles Randall Farar b. 23 May 1912, married 21 Jun 1939 Mary Ellen Green b. 25 Sep 1918.


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