Benjamin Thomas:
The Revolutionary War Soldier

From the Colonial Records of North Carolina, a Benjamin Thomas served under the command of McCrory in the 9th Regiment of the NC Continental Line. In 1784, a Revolutionary War Pay Voucher was issued in Halifax NC to "Thomas McCrory-Capt of the N.C. Continental Line" . A land grant for service in the Revolutionary War was issued in 1784 to the "Heirs of Capt. Thomas McCrory". This land was situated in the Military Reserve in then Davidson County in now Tennessee. Thomas McCrory lived in Guilford County NC and removed to Tennessee. He died in Bluff City, Sullivan County TN. Thomas McCrory is buried at the Weaver Cemetery. It is likely that Thomas McCrory raised troops in his home county of Guilford NC. The Benjamin Thomas who served in Thomas McCrory's unit likely lived in or around Guilford County NC.

North Carolina once extended beyond the Appalachians all the way to the Mississippi River. Since the state was politically divided during the Revolutionary War, it was difficult to raise money for an army necessary to protect our western lands. Instead of creating an unwanted tax, it was decided that each soldier who served for the duration of the war would receive a portion of land in a military district including now Nashville TN. The Benjamin Thomas who served under Thomas McCrory is likely the same one who is credited with receiving a land grant for service in the American Revolution. He received Land grant #777, locatable in file # 633. As Tennessee and its ensuing counties formed, this grant eventually became part of Montgomery County TN. Benjamin Thomas's land grant was first filed 26 Jul 1798 in Montgomery County in Deed book B page 194. Immediately following this entry and on the same page, Esther Thomas of Randolph County NC sold Benjamin Thomas's Military Land Grant on 15 Aug 1797. She sold the land to Thomas McQuistion of Guilford County NC. After Thomas McQuistion arrived in Tennessee to claim his land, the conveyance by Esther Thomas was filed into the deed books there. In the 1790 North Carolina Census, Esther Thomas is listed as single, head of the household, and living in Randolph County NC. Evidently, she had been married to a Benjamin Thomas that served in the war and who died prior to the 1790 census. Since our ancestor was listed as living in Anson County at this time, there is no way he could have been the Benjamin Thomas who served under Capt. McCrory. Our ancestor did not receive a North Carolina Military Land Grant for service in the war.

Benjamin Thomas's Military Land Grant
Benjamin Thomas's Military Land Grant is Sold By Esther Thomas


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