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Here is where you can telnet to ASARian, Incorporated Site or The Sanctuary Incorporated Site. Both of them require that you have a UserID and Password.

Please Note: Telnetting to ASARian is now back on. As you know, ASARian is still not taking new accounts due to space limitations, but we are working very hard to bring in a new secure server this summer of 2002. With that, those who have ASARian accounts, you can get your emails through any POP3 client, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Netscape Messenger or even Outlook Express. The settings for that may differ from program to program, but most ask for the server, pop server, or pop3 server name, and you would put in "" (without the "quote" marks). Then they ask for the user name, and that would be your regular login name, such as johndoe is the login name. Then you enter your ASARian password. Be sure you do NOT check "leave messages on server". If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us, and we will see what we can do. Please be sure to include your user name when communicating with us. You may write to us at,, and

To all of our users who have weathered our past storms and will weather more to come until the switch to the new secure server, we thank you for sticking with us and trusting in Fuzzy and Samantha to make it all run well. Thanks to all of you that keep us going because without you, there would be no ASARian. Thank you for your understanding with the transitions.

Sincerely yours, ASARian Inc Executive Board of Directors.

Telnet to ASARian, Incorporated Site "Click" to telnet to ASARian, Incorporated Site.
If you need a UserID and Password, click here.
Telnet to Sanctuary Mud Site "Click" to telnet to The Sanctuary Incorporated Site.
Register for a new userid and password by going to the site. For information on The Sanctuary, click HERE.


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