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Why ASARian Incorporated? - Its Background

The Internet is a place a lot of abuse survivors go to, to escape real life (RL). They find games to play, places to talk to others in real time, files to download, and things to read. Many of these people are victims when they come in from RL, some become victims while they are in cyberspace.

These victims (most often of childhood abuse, rape and harassment) need a place to go. They need a place to find people like themselves. Someone to understand, even though that person may be just a text name on a monitor, in some faraway RL land. The Internet is one of the safest places for victims and survivors of abuse to be, because they can be anything they choose to be. They can pretend to be something they are not, or that they wish to be. Most often, they feel they can't be hurt again, in this virtual world.

What we offer is a place to think about real life. This is what abuse victims and survivors need. It is never easy to bury abuse in your mind, to leave it in the past, so there is no escape. We want to give people a relatively safe place in which they can deal with and talk about their abuse, and to begin to heal.

About one third of the users of ASARian Inc are classified by their peers, their therapists, and themselves as suffering from multiple personalities (MPD/DID), which as a general definition results from childhood abuse, most often sexual. A small percentage are battered by their Significant Others (SO). A few are rape survivors. The list could go on; there are innumerable types of abuses know to humankind.

The other group of people who use ASARian Inc are the Significant Others (SO's) and Other Concerned Persons (OCP) who wish to help.

Sometimes the people who survive abuse, or who are suffering in abusive relationships now, need a friendly voice over the phone and not just some text on a computer screen. They may not be able to take the first step to contact a local help line or shelter, and need a push in that direction by someone outside of the situation.

As you can see, there is a great need for ASARian Inc, and other services like this, on the Internet, where many abuse victims and survivors congregate. We believe that we can help them, and we believe we can also pave the way for other services of this type to begin and even to flourish.


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