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My Babies

Here are some pictures of my babies- Lizzie and Beeker, the cockatiels; Hazel, the Brown-headed Poicephalus; Romeo and Chester, the dogs; and John. :)

Lizzie and Beeker

This is Lizzie (grey cockatiel) and Beeker (pied cockatiel), when I first brought home Beeker on Jan 22, 2002. Lizzie was born in Jan 2001, and I brought her home in May 2001; Beeker was born Nov. 25, 2001. Lizzie is female, and Beeker is male, he sings and whistles all the time. I got Beeker and Hazel from some wonderful breeders, Dennie and Jack Saul, owners of Celebirds aviary. Lizzie came from the House of Pets in Tallahassee. Both birds are incredibly sweet and get to stay out all the time, playing and getting head scratches!

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This is Hazel, my Brown-headed poicephalus. I got her in March 2002, and she was born Dec. 13, 2001. She loves to play, eat broccoli held in her feet, get her head scratched, say her name and "step up!" and lie on her back in my hand. She's about the same size as the cockatiels.

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Romeo and Chester

These are my dogs, Romeo and Chester. Both are Dachsund mixes, Romeo is mixed with Australian Cattle Hound, and Chester with some kind of pinscher. Both were about a year old when I got them from Town Lake Animal Center in August, 2001. They love to tear around and then plop on the couch and take a nap.

More pictures of Romeo and Chester

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This is my boyfriend, John. We met at the honor music festival in Japan, and have been together since August 1997. He was sweet enough to let all my animals invade his place when we lived in Austin so I could use his camera to take all these pictures, and use his computer to upload them. :) He loves the dogs, and he and Chester are best buddies.

My Japanese house and my classroom at Kinnick High

John and me in Okinawa, Thanksgiving 2003