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Seeing the Ball

We have all seen the swing where the hitter turns his head half way around during his follow through. Some kids try to hit with their whole body, including their head. While keeping their head down when making contact with the ball is essential, there is more to seeing the ball than simply having the head in the proper position.

When my oldest was on an 18-game hitting streak, his teammates were using his bat and eating the same thing he was for lunch. Many asked him why he was hitting so well. He told them he was keeping his head still during the swing. He concentrates on his head being still. He tries to swing as hard as he can without significant movement of his head. This allows him to see the ball clearly.

Obviously the head does move somewhat during the swing. There is forward movement during the stride. A short stride with the weight back minimizes this kind of movement. The head must also turn down toward the bat at contact. This turn should be smooth.

Someone once wrote that 90% of pro players who are experiencing slumps say they simply are not seeing the ball very well. Young players who have nice swings but consistently hit a little above or below the ball might benefit from concentrating on their head during the swing.




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