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The Players Handbook


What Little League Expects of You

 Do your best at practices and games 

 Be early for practices 

 Develop a sharing attitude 

 Listen and learn from your coaches and teammates 

 Maintain your cool when you make a mistake 

 Cheer on and support your teammates 

 Hustle on and off the field 

 Understand and follow the safety rules of the game 

 Lend a helping hand 

 Be a good sport at all times 

 Show respect for the umpires and other volunteers 

 Develop self-control 

 Respect yourself, your teammates, and opposing players. 

 Wear your uniform with pride 

 Learn and follow the rules of the game 

 Take responsibility for yourself 

 Learn from losing as well as winning 

 Get fit and stay fit 

 Be dependable 

 Always be positive 

 Have Fun 


What Does Your Coaching Staff Expect of You?

 Be on time for practices and games. Have your equipment with you. 

 To do your best in the field and on the bench 

 To be cooperative and to share team duties 

 To not get upset at your own mistakes, or those of others..... Everyone makes mistakes. During the season we will all make mistakes and we need to support each other

 To understand that winning is only important if you can accept losing, as both are important parts of the game.


Many people are involved in the effort to bring you a good experience as a Little Leaguer. These volunteers give their time so that you can learn to play the game, have fun, and do it all in a safe manner. Respect all of those involved in the effort to make your league a safe place to have fun.

Realize you do not know it all.


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