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Bat Sizes and Age

There are three standard barrel sizes for baseball bats: 2 ¼, 2 5/8, and 2 ¾ (full-size). The full-size barrels usually have a difference of 5 between their length and weight (conforming to rules set by many leagues and states regarding high school-aged players). Smaller bats should be selected with a difference of 8 or more between length and weight. For many young players, a 21 ounce bat that is 30 inches long is ideal.

While charts determine proper size bat, which take players' height and weight into consideration.

While these two factors are important, other characteristics are missing. The bat length, weight, barrel size, grip, brand, and whether the player likes to choke up on the bat are all important factors when determining whether a bat has a good feel in the players hand.

The next 3 pages contain charts on bat selection:

First is a rough guide for bat selection.
Based on age of player and what weight & length of bat to use
 It is simply a place to start and depends not only on the size of the player but the level of competition (better pitching may require a lighter bat).
 It is better to err on the light side rather than the heavy side.
 Today’s power hitters in the major leagues use lighter bats than power hitters of yesterday
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Second is based on players weight and Height  and what size bat to use
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Third is based on players weight and what weight of bat to use
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Bat Selection




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