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Bat Angle 

The angle of the bat in the stance, as we have said before, isn't very relevant as long as the bat is in the proper position in the launch position (or after the stride when the foot is planted and the hand are over the back foot). When the hitter has no indication of whether or not the pitcher is throwing consistently high or low, the bat angle when the swing is about to begin should be at a 45 degree angle. This maximizes the opportunity of being able to hit a high strike and a low strike solidly.

When a hitter notices that a pitcher is keeping the ball down consistently, he can look for a low pitch and angle his bat up (point the knob toward his feet and the barrel toward the sky). If the pitcher is throwing high, the bat can be flattened a bit prior to the swing. Changing the angle will keep the bat head in the hitting zone longer when in fact it corresponds to the height of the pitch. Generally, looking for a high or low pitch should take place when there is some consistency on the part of the pitcher and when the hitter has less than two strikes. With two strikes, the hitter needs to be ready for all pitches in or near the strike zone.



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