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Swan and Vintage Radio Trader

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SWAN Radio Equipment Shelf

03/03/2019 Wanted: Swan 240
WTB: I am looking for a Swan 240 in working condition.  Name is Rick (KD1AS)
Email Callsign: KD1AS

2/7/2018 - Wanted: SWAN 600R
I recently picked up a 600T and am in the process of rebuilding it. Unfortunately, it became separated from it's long lost twin at some point in its life! 
Won't you please help me reunite this family? 
Looking for a restorable 600R. Bad power transformer, no tubes, etc is not a problem, but cosmetics (front panel), knobs, and inductors need to be there. I can fix everything else. Thanks for looking - 
Jeff - WB3JIH E-mail:

02/01/2017 Wanted: Swan Mark II
WTB: Swan Mark 2 amplifier in good shape. I am (the only?) Swan-collector in Sweden ( about 20 Swans). Look at the for a picture of my Swans. Most of the Swans come from U.S. (no problems with shipping) Tobbe, SM3DYY  
Contact E-mail:

01/24/2017 Wanted: Swan ST-3 or 3B
I am looking for a Cubic ST-3 or ST-3B Antenna Tuner for my Astro 103. Thanks a lot, Wes K5APL - 903-748-7424 - Contact E-mail:

08/27/2016 Wanted: Swan 508 VFO
Wanted: Swan 508 VFO for my 700CX. Please let me know what you have, with condition and price.   Thanks and 73, Allen—W7GIF   Contact E-mail:

08/20/2016 Wanted: Swan 160 - 160X
Wanted: Swan 160-160X transceiver working or not, nice cosmetics. Give me your price.   73 Larry  N0GMH 641 344 8833   Contact E-mail:

04/19/2016 Wanted: Swan 350
Wanted -- working Swan 350A or 350D.    Contact E-mail:

01/18/2016 Wanted: Swan Cygnet Meter
I need an S/PA Current edge wide meter for the Swan Cygnet 270B
Thanks, 73   Craig W6CAW   H - 619-478-2769 or C - 619-806-4146   Contact E-mail:

01/11/2016 - Wanted: SWAN 250C
I'm looking for a Swan 250C and power supply.  Must be working and in good condition. 
Thanks, Lawrence WA4BHK  E-mail:

11/18/2015 - Wanted: SWAN 117XC Cable
SWAN 117XC Power Supply AC cable with connector. Located in Virginia.
Alan Swinger K9MBQ   E-mail:

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