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SWAN Radio Network

Silent Keys

Herbert G. Johnson, W6QKI - Founder of Swan Engineering and Swan Electronics

Herb Johnson was born November 10, 1920, in Pittsburgh, PA. The son of Swan and Ruth Johnson, he spent his childhood in Astabula, OH. A lifelong amateur radio enthusiast, he designed his first radio at age 14, and at age 15 earned his amateur radio operator's license.

After moving to Benson, AZ, he founded Swan Engineering (later, Swan Electronics) in 1961. Originally working by himself out of his garage, Herb created a line of radios that became a favorite of amateurs around the world. Herb chose the brand name "Swan" in memory of his father, whose name in his native land of Sweden, was "Sven". Upon arrival in the USA, his name was Americanized to "Swan".

Swan Engineering grew rapidly, and its growth continued after Herb relocated the company to Oceanside, CA, in 1962. At its peak Swan produced as many as 400 radios per month.

Needing more capital and engineering resources for Swan's rapid expansion, the company merged with Cubic Corporation in 1967 and Herb continued managing the Swan subsidiary until 1973. The Swan line of equipment was mostly tube type design, and through the years more than 80,000 transceivers alone where sold. Many Swan radios remain in service today, a tribute to the quality that went into their design and construction.

Herb founded his second company, Atlas, in 1974. Atlas produced a line of compact, rugged radios that became very popular for mobile communications from cars and boats. Herb was particularly proud of the many explorers and adventurers who used Atlas radios to stay in touch with the outside world during their expeditions.

Herb was an avid sailor, skippering a series of boats (all named Vector) in numerous long-distance races along the coast of California and Mexico. A longtime member of the Oceanside and San Diego Yacht Clubs, he remained active, continuing his pursuits in amateur radio and sailing, well into his seventies.

After a period of declining health, Herb died of heart failure on January 31, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Mimi Johnson; his children Sven Johnson, Tina Svalina, Les Johnson, Eric Johnson, and David Johnson; his step-children Dave Callender, M'Liz McJones, and John Callender; twelve grandchildren; three sisters and two brothers in Ohio; and one brother in Maryland.

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 WA2FJW  Phil Miller              Big Flats, NY 4/77 Age 57
 W9MIB   Fred Crowell             New Albany, IN 12/83 Age 77
 W7QNC   Henry F. Hudson          Tucson, AZ 1/84 Age 81
 W4WZT   Hubert "Marty" Martz     Richmond, VA 7/84 Age 72
 W3FPV   Donald T Herring         Brandywine, MD 8/2/84 Age 53 (US Navy Ret)
 W6AM    Don Wallace              Long Beach, CA 5/25/85 Age 86
 W1PAJ   Arnold "Stan" Standish   Stockton Springs, ME 8/13/86 Age 68 (FCC Engr Ret)
 W8RP    Roy J. Purchase          Ann Arbor, MI 12/14/87 Age 84 (Purchase Radio)
 W6OFT   Clint Call               Carlsbad, CA 10/23/88 Age 69 
 W3MTU   Richard R. Sansom        West Fork, AR 3/29/89 Age 64 (US Navy Ret)
 W2CM    Leslie A. Fryer          N. Syracuse, NY 11/10/89 Age 80
 WA2RGR  Ralph Endres             Cheektowaga, NY 4/12/90 Age 77
 W7RAK   Dan Postle               Milpitas, CA 4/15/90 Age 55 (US Navy Ret)
 K7EIS   George P. Griffis        Portland, OR 6/19/90 Age 82 (WWII Vet)
 N6FGP   Lee Green                N. Hollywood, CA 5/2/91 Age 73
 W3GCY   Harry B. Gwathney, Sr    Brandywine, MD 7/91 Age 85
 WA9HLP  Carl "Bud" Sunkel        Danville, IL 8/13/91 Age 64
 N3GNE   Dixie L. Jarrett         Frederick, MD 8/26/91 Age 48 (XYL of KD3J)
 WA0SHE  Cleo Mahoney             Raytown, MO 12/10/91 Age 71
 W6CRD   Morris D. Simpson        Long Beach, CA 6/22/92 Age 84
 WB4IKS  Anne Irving              Miami, FL 7/19/92 Age 80 
 W1SZJ   David "Poco" White       Cherryfield, ME 4/12/93 Age 74 (US Navy Ret)
 K0ZZ    Gary Knutson             Centerville, SD 5/11/93 Age 42
 W1PWD   Roy Torrey               Winter Harbor, ME 12/23/93 Age 73
 W6VPK   Irv Lauman               San Pedro, CA 2/94 Age 84
 W2GHK   Stu Meyer                Vienna, VA 5/21/94 Age 76 
 WA6WNE  Darryl B. Larsen         Sacramento, CA 7/20/94 Age 55
 K0RIJ   Ed Prokes                David City, NE 11/18/94 Age 79
 KE7QE   Wilfred Hemmer           Rio Verde, AZ 11/30/94 Age 71
 W5RWQ   Jesse Singleton          Harlingen, TX 2/17/95 Age 78
 W8QOM   Anna Strawway            West Branch, MI 6/95 Age 82
 W4NTB   Harold Manning           Wilmington, NC 6/10/95 Age 83
 N5IKJ   Jim Mills                Las Cruces, NM 6/13/95 Age 74
 W2UF    Perry Warner             Ferndale, NY 6/15/95 Age 90
 WA7EJW  Larry Sartain            Las Vegas, NV 7/26/95 Age 78
 W5EBN   Raymond M. Mickle, Jr    Fort Worth, TX 9/6/95 Age 78
 W4EWS   Richard Lahey            Citrus Springs, FL 9/27/95 Age 89 (WWII MM Vet)
 WA8EKY  Valdan "Val" Baltz       Middletown, OH 10/5/95 Age 85        
 WB9YNI  John R. McCarty          Villa Parke, IL 10/9/95 Age 36
 KA5FSB  Rudy Stork               Carlsbad, NM 11/15/95 Age 52
 W2CUF   Joe Garone               East Setauket, NY 2/15/95 Age 96
 W2RIZ   Herbert "Ed" Preston     Tully, NY 2/8/96 Age 92
 N1BVS   Ken Erickson             Bethel, CT 3/11/96 Age 68 (WWII US Army Vet)
 KK6QK   Frank Hess               San Diego, CA 3/21/96 Age 84
 KA1AFX  Arthur Bruce Burrill     West Brookfield, MA 4/5/96 Age 62
 K9FIF   Lester Baader            Nelson, WI 4/27/96 Age 82
 W6RPY   Howard A. Hudson         San Leandro, CA 10/20/96 Age 78
 WA5ZOO  Harold Herndon           Lawton, OK 12/18/96 Age 77
 KA2VQX  Joseph R. Smith          Painted Post, NY 12/27/96 Age 80 (WWII MM Vet)
 K4IEE   Mel Clark                Lynchburg, VA Age 1/15/97 Age 70
 W2VW    Joseph Meyer             Elmira, NY 3/1/97 Age 96
 W3WAO   Charles Jose             Towson, MD 3/13/97 Age 67
 W8DGD   Jim Campbell             Titusville, FL 5/10/97 Age 88
 W4MVC   Carl Hubbard             Liberty, IN 5/18/97 Age 91
 WA7AEL  Lee J. Miller            Las Vegas, NV 5/28/97 Age 75 
 W6DCT   Al Bottalico             La Habra, CA 5/30/97 Age 82         
 WB2LAH  Tom Kehoe                Garfield, NJ 6/8/97 Age 76
 W2YL    Joel Young               Elmira, NY 7/26/97 Age 97
 N9IPN   Wes Hartwell             Cordova, AL 8/13/97 Age 66
 W9NEX   Luther Weber             Cyrstal Lake, IL 10/15/97 Age 84
 K7IKR   Francis Longo            Santa Maria, CA 12/10/97 Age 84
 WA4DIS  Stu Charnley             Huntsville, AL 12/18/97 Age 87
 K2MYW   Mort Solomon             Rockville Centre, NY 3/24/97 Age 82
 W6FAY   James "Jay" Carr         Escondido, CA 2/22/98 Age 77
 W9MOD   Leo Karpinsky            Madison, WI 4/11/98 Age 74
 K7UGA   Barry Goldwater          Paradise Valley, AZ 5/29/98 Age 89 
 W6HBE   Homer Brumbaugh          Palm Springs, CA 6/11/98 Age 92
 NB3C    Thomas "Fred" Carr       Myrtle Beach, SC 8/3/98 Age 71
 KE2NO   Henry Herrlich           Corning, NY 9/12/98 Age 81 (WWII US Army Vet)
 W8QYW   Homer Cozad              Geneva, OH 10/3/98 age 78
 W0WEM   Louis A. Burdman         Chatsworth, CA 11/26/98 Age 81
 K8BEB   Bill Zimmerman           Livonia, MI 12/15/98 Age 73
 N7ROV   Ralph G. Empey           Hoquiam, WA 12/17/98 Age 58 
 WA2LYF  William J Cochrane       Kenmore, NY 12/26/98 Age 71
 WB2JMK  John Donaway             Audubon, NJ Age 78
 W3JIW   Charles Ray Sine         Romney, WV 1/11/99 Age 80
 WA6BZC  Jesse E. Caton           Anza, CA 3/99 Age 90
 W5DLL   Harold Watson            Fort Worth, TX 3/11/99 Age 73
 W9DIA   Terry J. Sterman         Milwaukee, WI 3/30/99 Age 60
 W4FNR   Ab Adams                 Boca Raton, FL 4/1/99 Age 80
 KH6UQ   Ray Style                Pleasant Hill, CA 4/11/99 Age 88
 W6ZF    Ron Martin               Napa, CA 4/16/99 Age 92 (USAF Ret)
 WB3CHS  T. Calvin Mc Pherson     Gathersburg, MD 4/20/99 Age 68
 WB6JJR  Dave Glisan              Felton, CA 4/28/99 Age 50
 W2ALS   Frank Gunther            Staten Island, NY 5/24/99 Age 91
 K8HSC   Paul B. Kraus            Stamford, CT 5/28/99 Age 57 (US Navy Vet)
 KE2LO   Gene Mezger              Orchard Park, NY 6/19/99 Age 64
 WA7PRD  Percy Kassner            Glendive, MT 6/25/99 Age 64
 WA6ATC  Dino A Rossi             San Pedro, CA  6/99 Age 72
 KB7MZS  Ed Masters               Sun City, AZ 6/8/99 Age 84
 WA5KBJ  Jack E. Keeler           Tulsa, OK 7/16/99 Age 70
 W2JIX   Michael S. Ikonomou      Hudson, FL 8/16/99 Age 80   
 W7JTN   Ed Shunk                 Tucson, AZ 9/99 Age 72
 WB6SNW  Paul Michael Martz       Newbury Park, CA 09/04/1999 Age 59 
 VE9OW   Carl Leeworthy           Bayfield, NB, 9/9/99 Age 67
 W5MLU   Lou Szivos               Ville Platte, LA 9/28/99 Age 80
 K2ORS   Jean Shepherd            Sanibel, FL 10/16/99 Age 78
 W4WQW   Richard A. Crowell       Kingston, TN 11/13/99 Age 75
 WA1EST  Arthur Souza             Fall River, MA 12/4/99 Age 75
 AE4BB   Bob Alexander            Bristol, TN 12/11/99 Age 79
 N2NDR   William J Brooks         Brooklyn, NY 12/99 Age 52 
 WB7CCV  Chuck Maish              Casstown, OH 12/6/99 Age 80
 W2KIJ   Joe Patocka              Horseheads, NY 12/14/99 Age 87
 KB2ZEZ  Esther J Silliman        Bath, NY 1/1/00 Age 78
 KA2ACF  Ann Hoffman              Waverly, NY 1/4/00 Age 73
 W5BDR   Ed Moory                 De Witt, AZ 1/00 Age 85
 WA6LEA  Charles "Bud" Manning    Kingman, AZ 1/25/00 Age 79
 W6QKI   Herb Johnson             Cardiff, CA 2/1/00 Age 79 (US Army Vet)
 N1APY   Donald A. P. LeCourt     Fitchburg, MA 2/3/00 Age 71 (US Navy Ret)
 W8RRA   Henry "Hank" Engle       Euclid, OH 2/6/00 Age 79
 W4NND   Charles B. Orr           Fairfax, VA 2/00 Age 75
 W2PTJ   Charles Band             Laurel Springs, NJ 2/00 Age 84
 W1FFO   Ted Hale                 Wellesley Hills, MA 3/16/00 Age 95
 K2HQ    Phil Morrissey           Summit, NY 3/16/00 Age 59
 NB8M    Warren Grubbs            St. Albans, WV 3/26/00 Age 77
 KD2KK   Norm Jones               West Seneca, NY 3/27/00 Age 76
 WB0IKH  Ralph L. Scearcy         Fayetteville, NC 5/5/00 Age 67
 KC4DPL  Bennie L. Moore          Albemarle, NC 4/20/00 Age 62 (US Navy Ret)
 W9WDV   Herman Hums              Mishawaka, IN 4/23/00 Age 88
 W4FQM   Paul "Ed" Webb           Hollywood, CA 5/11/00 Age 85
 W4ZXK   Lois Spencer             Inverness, FL 5/23/00 Age 75
 NY3D    Amos Faux Burhans        Ijamsville, MD 5/26/00 Age 65 
 W3JZW   Harold L. Howard         Cheverly, MD 5/30/00 Age 88
 W3LGY   Charles "Doc" Bikle      Palmares, Costa Rica 4/11/00 Age 73
 VE3DBW  Roy H. Bain              Sudbury, ON 7/11/00
 N6OTS   Joan M. Sullivan         Fountain Valley, CA 8/1/00 Age 55
 KG5KE   Vivian Simants           Madison City, OK 6/22/00 Age 69
 K8RPF   Roger Mais               South Bend, IN 8/14/00 Age 82
 W5CYF   Edwin Robertson          Bastrop, LA 10/3/00 Age 89
 W8QJD   Lou Ireland              Cincinnati, OH 10/9/00 Age 79
 W3LVC   Cliff Campen             Elkridge, Md 2/2/00 Age 79
 W1AQM   Clarence Margerum        Shrewsbury, MA 10/31/00 Age 98
 KL7HRE  Mike Santone             Silsbee, TX 11/8/00 Age 84
 W6KKI   William "Hank" Niemeyer  Carmichael, CA 11/19/00 Age 88
 W2BJI   Fran H. Thisse           Manlius, NY 11/30/00 Age 87
 WA0LHY  Jim Gaasvig              Ham Lake, MN 6/27/00 Age 65
 N7QLE   Cecil Bly                Clarkston, WA 9/5/00 Age 87 
 WA4YUX  Charles "Fred" Rierson   East Bend, NC 11/19/00 Age 69
 K5KHY   Hubert Carrico           Tolar, TX 11/25/00 Age 79
 WA7WFU  Chester "Chet" Tausinger Huntington, AR 12/00 Age 53 
 KR4IH   Joe Beale                Norfolk, VA 12/31/00 Age 59
 W2YTR   Mark Lo Bosco            Richmond Hill, NY 10/29/00 Age 75
 KC0AC   Dave Miller              Sturgeon Bay, WI 1/01 Age 71
 N2KMM   Emmoran Arnst            Caroga Lake, NY 1/4/01 Age 81
 W0ASA   Charley "Dick" Leigh     Round Rock, TX 2/1/01 Age 93
 KQ4XH   Gene Killen              Tazewell, VA 3/1/01 Age 61
 KA2Q    Russell "Russ" Smith     Diamond Point, NY 3/7/01 Age 81
 VK4OW   A. E. "Ted" Watson       Urangan, Australia 4/01
 K2MLT   Walt Taylor              Hammondsport, NY 4/01 Age 69
 N6FUS   John Pike                Puyallup, WA 4/01 Age 83
 AB4FK   Bill O'Neil              Norfolk, VA 4/01 Age 77
 W4WAF   Warner Freeman           Daytona Beach, FL 4/26/01 Age 69
 WU2E    Walt Armstrong           Neptune, NJ 5/26/01 Age 75
 VK2MUD  Jack Gilmour             Uranquinty, Australia 6/3/01
 K2QAU   W. Robert Dabb           Scotch Plains, NJ 6/15/01 Age 81
 W6FB    Bill Hook                Raymond, WA 6/17/01 Age 93
 W6GBL   Glen "Doc" Chapin        South Ogden, UT 9/12/01 Age 77
 KF4DJ   Chet Yunt                Frankfort, KY 10/9/01 Age 69
 W2YIF   Wyckoff A. Sherwood      Addison, NY 10/11/01 Age 93
 WA3ZRL  Tony Dilorenzo           Rockville, MD 6/6/01 Age 79
 K6BTO   Herb Adams               Bonita, CA 6/9/01 Age 85
 K4BTT   Larry Hackney            Shalimar, FL 8/2/01 Age 73
 WB4JSI  Stan Hurst               Saluda, SC 8/11/01 Age 84
 W5FIJ   Charles "Ned" Leach      Oklahoma City, OK 8/15/01 Age 95
 K4YYT   Paul Bennett             Green Cove Springs, FL 9/17/01 Age 72
 W2IQ    Henry "Hank" Clark       Dandridge, TN 9/18/01 Age 82
 K2ISN   Andy Washy               Gowanda, NY 10/01 Age 63
 W4CFV   Joe Fischer              Norton, VA 10/29/01 Age 93
 K4CGF   Ralph Tiller             Wytheville, VA Age 9/30/01 81
 N2BLX   Bob King                 Binghamton, NY 11/3/01 Age 71
 N5IYG   Homer Madray             Albuquerque, NM 11/3/01 Age 89
 W6OHS   Art Clark                Gardena, CA 11/14/01 Age 78
 KH6AFS  Sam Kumukahi             Hilo, HI 11/24/01 Age 79
 N5DZU   Charlie Hardwick         League City, TX 11/27/01 Age 70
 WB9WOK  Dave Kadinger            Crawfordsville, IN 12/6/01 Age 66 
 K2PJB   Donal "Pat" O'Buckley    Horseheads, NY 12/17/01 Age 76
 W2JON   Al Labowitch             Springfield, NJ 12/23/01 Age 82
 W9TDX   Jackson "Jack" Meade     Hudson, FL 1/3/02 Age 88
 W4OKM   Steve Tolley             Lynchburg, VA 4/3/02 Age 76 (WWII US Navy Vet)
 W2ZZJ   George Sadlon            Stratford, NY 8/02 Age 71
 W4BKY   Wayne Butler             Norfolk, VA 10/10/02 Age 59
 WA8MXQ  Dick Fisher              Mansfield, OH 1/28/03 Age 75
 K2HPL   William "Ed" Povoski     Bath, NY 2/10/03 Age 68
 W3MXE   Day Grimes               Carlisle, PA 2/26/03 Age 72
 N2ILO   David L. Cook            Corning, NY 3/21/03 Age 62
 K9YKX   Emmett H. Dodson         Veedersburg, IN 4/7/03 Age 87
 N2HDW   Barry Groupp             Pearl River, NY 5/03 Age 60
 W3FYK   William F. Werner        Bethlehem, PA 5/17/03 Age 89 (US Navy Ret)
 K9BEN   Bernard "Ben" Finger     Niceville, FL 7/03 Age 73
 KF9HQ   Russ Fritz               Roswell, NM 7/31/03 Age 78
 WA2JOV  Stu Mortenson            Baldwin, NY 8/16/03 Age 87
 K4ARU   William N. Ramsey        Vienna, VA 12/10/03 Age 94 (US Navy Ret)
 K7PU    Kenneth E. Gulley        St George, UT 12/10/03 Age 79      
 WA6PIE  Galen "Mac" McCormick    Chino Hills, CA 1/20/04 Age 75
 N6AQK   Lino Garcia              Lancaster, CA 2/26/04 Age Age 96
 KB3AVS  Isaac Bemis              Silver Spring, MD 3/04 Age 95
 WB1DJL  Mariana "Nina" Armstrong Wallingford, CT 5/30/04 Age 88
 W3BUX   E. Foster Hammonds       Bryn Mawr, PA 6/29/04 Age 91
 N2SF    Sanford "Sandy" Fried    Armonk, NY 9/13/04 Age 75
 N7HKY   Charles W. Graves        Washougal, WA 9/18/04 Age 74
 N3GKE   Kenny Mann               Rockville, MD 11/15/04 Age 88 (US Navy Ret)
 WA2QVL  Evalyn M. Miller         Big Flats, NY 11/18/04 Age 80
 W2BHZ   George Hudson            Pine City, NY 11/19/04 Age 91 
 NE3R    Harold Fowler            Chaptico, MD 11/24/04 Age 75
 W4HRO   Willard "Ed" Clarkson    Horn Lake, MS 11/25/04 Age 74
 W2FF    Henry F. Garstka         Wrightstown, NJ 11/25/04 Age 86
 W9VOL   Harold Raines            Gillett, PA 2/26/05 Age 83
 N4KOU   Steven J. Carvajal       Mount Desert, ME 3/10/05 Age 52
 W1OF    Brian "Mitch" Mitchell   Merrimack, NH 4/6/05 Age 63
 K2YGF   William Schaal           Baldwinsville, NY 4/14/05 Age 76
 KA3PSZ  John Willard             Baltimore, MD 5/15/05 Age 78
 W1BPZ   Donald "Red" Carpenter   Ellsworth, ME 7/10/05 Age 85 (US Navy Ret)
 W3BIW   Eleanor J. Hammonds      Byrn Mawr, PA 8/20/05 Age 90
 W5VBY   Raymond B. Dunavant      Nesbit, MS 9/29/05 Age 87
 N2PQX   Elmer "Mer" Shafer       Binghamton, NY 10/25/05 Age 79 
 K3APM   Russ Smith               Perry Hall, MD 11/4/05 Age 84
 WA2RFI  Steve Halas              Owego, NY 12/4/05 Age 71
 KD6NOO  Herb Bloomfield          Arcata, CA 1/8/06 Age 79
 K5JGZ   Lee Grunewald            Miami, OK 1/13/06 Age 91 (US Army Vet)
 WA4EBH  Richard "Mac" McLeod     Roanoke, VA 2/06 Age 80
 WA4TRC  Warren T. Coleman        Portsmouth, VA 2/06 Age 84
 N4MAD   Mike Brown               Pensacola, FL 2/26/06 Age 69
 KC2DYE  Cliff Draper             Horseheads, NY 2/17/06 Age 81
 KA2IDY  Clarence Garner          Conklin, NY 2/27/06 Age 76
 KB2CAL  John Connelly            Pine City, NY 3/06 Age 62
 W5PFD   Cliff Ferguson (USN-Ret) Clinton, MS 4/9/06 Age 74
 KC5JJQ  Mary L. Kelly            Hooks, TX 4/10/06 Age 58
 K5LIL   Ed Murta                 Oklahoma City, OK 4/22/06 Age 87
 AK1M    Elton V. Stolberg        Spring Hill, FL 5/12/06 Age 84 (FCC Engineer Ret)
 W4BFR   Bruce Montgomery         Sandy Springs, GA 5/21/06 Age 92
 K2RUX   Joe Staniszewski         Endicott, NY 6/1/06
 W2FHH   Bill Michalak            Binghamton, NY 6/17/06 Age 86
 W4PQA   Arthur McDougall         Ormond Beach, FL 7/9/06 Age 91
 WA5JDB  Jack Mincy               Fort Worth, TX 8/06 Age 81
 KB6GCH  Richard "Rick" Wilson    Vallejo, CA 9/7/06 Age 68
 KA1BN   Carl Bernier             Bedford, NH 9/15/06 Age 86
 KD5CAG  Alice May Weaver         Yoakum, TX 9/15/06
 W2UOB   Robert B. Berlinghof     Maple Shade, NJ 11/8/06
 W3BKF   Earl Foster              Fassett, PA 11/23/06 Age 77
 WA1UDP  Phil Hunter              Mount Chase, ME 1/2/07 Age 69
 KA1QWT  Cory Cummings Snow       Deerfield, NH 1/3/07 Age 62
 W2UBU   Leroy Hartman            Elmira, NY 1/7/07 Age 87
 K7QJ    Harold Kwentus           Bakersfield, CA 2/5/07 Age 63
 KN4VL   Donald "Tony" Davis      Pensacola, FL 2/22/07 Age 62
 N7GGC   Henry "Hank" Aries       Everett, WA 4/11/07 Age 81 (WWII US Navy Vet)
 KE5DT   Henry "Howard" Schrock   Starkville, MS 4/25/07 Age 55
 W8LWX   Charles A. Steinberger   Urbana, OH 5/31/07 Age 74
 K3CKE   Adam J. Milwicz          Bowie, MD 7/2/07 Age 67 (US Navy Ret)
 N4GTC   Michael "Mick" Coleman   Louisville, KY 7/18/07 (US Navy Vet)
 W3DAM   David A. Milburn         Bunnell, FL 11/26/07 Age 58
 KB3AO   Domenick "Dom" Colella   Kensington, MD 12/6/07 Age 77
 WA7IRI  Henry "Hank" DeJong      Hooksett, NH 2/1/08 Age 85
 KC2EWR  Gerald B. Quigley        Plattsburgh, NY 2/4/08 Age 70 (US Navy Ret)
 W3SOG   Chuck Hite               Clarksburg, MD 3/2/08 Age 94
 W6RCW   R.C. Wild                Oceanside, CA 3/22/08 Age 87
 W3OKN   Merle Glunt              Mount Union, PA 3/16/08 Age 90
 NB3W    Robert M. Balonis        State College, PA 4/25/08 Age 64
 N1IKO   Charles Frank Jr         Ellsworth, ME 6/28/08 Age 78
 WA3KBV  Tom Pitts                Frederick, MD 9/08 Age 87
 W2QKH   Teddy Buchalski          Sloan, NY 10/1/08 Age 90
 W4RGN   Jarvis M. Hearn Sr       Carrollton, VA 10/21/08 Age 100
 W2LKS   Giovani "John" Calise    Toms River, NJ 11/27/08 Age 71
 WD4DUG  Michael H. Best          Greensboro, NC 12/31/08 Age 47
 K6VHP   Lloyd D. Shallenberger   Eureka, CA 1/11/09 Age 68
 N2BMP   Garth Conover            East Brunswick, NJ 3/15/09 Age 54 
 W3IGE   Robert M. Lewis          Merritt Island, FL 3/31/09 Age 74
 W8KKK   James "Jim" Mullin       Mayfield Height, OH 7/6/09 Age 69
 K1HLG   William "Bill" Braisted  Bangor, ME 7/7/09 Age 80
 W8BFQ   Margaret L. Roberts      Bristol, TN 10/23/09 Age 99
 W9KFX   Virgil R. Sims           St. Joseph, IL 11/14/09 Age 91
 K7ERI   Billy M. Martin          Phoenix, AZ 12/18/09 Age 77
 W0ZTP   William "Bill" Cole      Charles City, IA 1/26/10 Age 91
 KD4NK   Orlan "Wes" Coquillette  Jerico Springs, MS 2/23/10 Age 81
 K2TTI   Frank M. Kennedy         Plattsburg, NY 3/25/10 Age 68
 VK2DL   David Lyddieth           Fadden Act, Australia 5/4/10
 WB0YNX  Tom Brosamle             Sioux City, IA 7/2/10 Age 69
 W5JFF   Ralph C. Payne           Shreveport, LA 7/20/2010 Age 95
 WB6TFU  Donald Hoff              Fresno, CA 8/12/10 Age 88
 N6GJR   Carl Ayers               Terrell, TX 9/1/10 Age 72
 K4OZF   Paul T. Bradbury         Marietta, GA 9/8/10 Age 67
 W2BDW   Allison E. Scutt         Titusville, FL 10/11/10 Age 84
 W8ZLC   Walter "Wally" Harpen    Mason, OH 11/12/10 Age 86
 KD5IOS  Duane V. Olinger         Norman, OK 1/16/11 Age 77
 N4CKZ   William B. Simpson       Fredericksburg, VA 1/21/11 Age 88
 WB6RLP  Maurice "Maury" Fee      Anaheim, CA 4/27/11 Age 79
 WA4TIL  Manson Chester Long Jr   Dallas, NC 6/3/2011 Age 63
 K1RQG   Joseph M. Demaso         Bucksport, ME 6/19/11 Age 66 (US Navy Vet)
 K9IEF   Eleanor S. Plumley       Clinton, IA 8/8/11 Age 82 
 N8XIW   Bill Stehle              Springfield, OH 8/1/11 Age 86
 N2TYD   John "Jack" McLennan     Vernon, NJ 7/21/11 Age 81
 N4KNO   Edward G. Wille          DeFuniak Springs, FL 9/28/11 Age 72
 N1XMA   Anthony "Tony" Sacco     Bethel, CT 11/26/11 Age 80
 W3AAA   Herbert J Bigelow Jr     Keedysville, MD 1/12 Age 95
 W4NWO   Charles "Gene" Youmans   Pensacola, FL 1/19/12 Age 83 (US Navy Ret)
 W3LQA   Ed Zettle                Kane, PA 2/15/12 Age 73 (US Navy Vet)
 WD4JBT  Ronnie L. Bonner         Tuscaloosa, AL 3/1/12 Age 77 (US Navy Ret)
 W8RHS   Elbert Flanagan          Nitro, WV 3/7/12 Age 90
 WA5SWC  Lynn Peters              Kingsville, TX 3/11/12 Age 69
 W2OSY   Phil Ingraham            Painted Post, NY 3/12 Age 95
 W8OEY   Charles Fulks            Braceville, OH 3/29/12 Age 77
 KB6GCH  Dick Wilson              Vallejo, CA 4/5/12 Age 73
 AA2CJ   Ralph Baker              Bath, NY 4/15/12 Age 68
 KD2XP   Harold A. Brouneus       Corning, NY 4/17/12 Age 87
 W6PZI   Clair E. Miller          Placerville, CA 4/17/12 Age 75
 VK6BDB  Sean Leahy               Glen Forrest, Australia 4/20/12 Age 86
 AI4OZ   Don Sharer               Micro, NC 4/23/12 Age 64
 W3PKL   Henry Stamps             Lynchburg, VA 4/24/12 Age 87
 W6CZM   Donald E. Carey          Camarillo, CA 5/21/12 Age 83
 W2INY   Roger F. Sykes           Elmira Heights, NY 6/6/12 Age 89
 AA2VC   Robert W. Reese          Lawrenceville, PA 8/19/12 Age 59
 W3AFH   Barry Goldblatt          Norfolk, VA 10/10/12 Age 50
 W1FDW   Donald P Girard          Townsend, MA 10/28/12 Age 78
 K2MV    Meyer "Mike" Adleman     Fords, NJ 1/28/13 Age 91
 W9QYY   Giles Walker             Kirklin, IN 4/17/13 Age 89 (USN WWII)
 WA0VTO  Joseph "Hank" Rael       Pueblo, CO 7/19/13 Age 86   
 W2NSD   Wayne Green              Hancock, NH 9/13/13 Age 91 (US Navy Vet)
 NY2V    Fred Adsit Ex-W2ZOJ      Weedsport, NY 9/19/13 Age 84
 W2YCA   Edward F. Armstrong      Erin, NY 10/9/13 Age 70
 WA7BYX  Ray Kitashiro            Honolulu, HI 10/2/13 Age 82 (USAF Vet)
 KB4LEB  Charlie Burnett          Navarre, FL 11/1/13 Age 92
 W5TZD   Charles H. Smith         Santa Fe, NM 11/7/13 Age 78
 AK1X    Paula M. Dunn            Tully, NY 11/25/13 Age 54
 N1IQS   Thomas Carder            Bedford, NH 2014
 K9IEG   Robert L. Plumley        Thomson, IA 1/12/14 Age 87
 W7JZS   James Stubner            Mercer Island, WA 1/26/14 Age 93 (US Army Vet)
 N2AKG   John W. Doane            Erin, NY 2/11/14 Age 71 (US Army Vet)
 NM7W    Arlon Helms              Brookings, OR 4/30/14 Age 89
 WB9NLI  William "Bill" Diggs     Woodstock, IL 5/30/14 Age 66
 N7FCO   Graydon "Grady" Lewis    Eugene, OR 7/1/14 Age 87 (US Navy Ret)
 WA2JFM  John L. Breese           Horseheads, NY 8/20/14 Age 91
 K2KZI   John E Steen             Bath, NY 9/5/14 Age 83
 WA2GCU  Winnie DeMonstoy         Erwin, NY 10/18/14 Age 81
 NO2Y    William H. Dorman        Corning, NY 11/16/14 Age 96
 WA3PUN  James "Ed" Bolton        Harrisburg, PA 11/30/14 Age 83
 KS2N    James O. DeRusha         Addison, NY 12/16/14 Age 69
 WB9QXO  John F. Lukes, Jr        Wisconsin Rapids, WI Age 84
 W4MDX   Edward "Bryan" Wagner    Oak Ridge, TN 1/19/2015 Age 93 (WWII Vet)
 N7EG    Matthew "Matt" LePree    Tucson. AZ 3/29/15 Age 90
 K2UOV   Raymond La Barr          Corning, NY, 4/1/15 Age 88
 K4LJP   Lee John Pennington II   West Palm Beach, FL Age 71
 N3LWM   William E. Price         West Springfield, PA 4/30/15 Age 74
 W5GDS   Jimmie Wade Abel         Crawford, TX 5/18/15 Age 78 (US Navy Vet)
 K2AWH   Bernie Hamilton          Painted Post, NY 10/27/15 Age 94 (US Army Vet)
 KA1KYM  Manuel A. Camara         E. Providence, RI 12/6/15 Age 60
 KB2WXV  Roy Koehler              Avoca, NY 12/24/15 Age 62 
 N5VZ    Gary Lynn Humphries      Corsicana, TX 1/15/16 Age 77
 W1KAY   Ken Gleszer              Danbury, CT 2/3/2016 Age 94
 W4JIK   DeWitt "Rusty" Gooch     Elizabeth City, NC 5/6/16 Age 65 (US Navy Ret)
 N7WO    Wilbur "Jake" Otten      Vancouver, WA 5/7/16 Age 77
 N2RHX   Don Campbell             Cayuta, NY 5/9/16 Age 78
 K4DCN   Robert E. "Bert" Lee     Orange, VA 7/25/16 Age 98
 K4APT   Joe Coleman Jr           Marietta, GA 12/31/16
 KC2RCS  Gerald B Tompkins        Big Flats, NY 5/2/17 Age 77 (US Army Ret)
 W2DES   Walt Key                 Hoffmeister, NY 7/19/17 Age 86 (US Navy Vet)
 N0GMH   Larry D Schad            Creston, IA 8/11/17 Age 70 (US Navy Vet)
 K7MJJ   Betty A. Dunn            Benson, AZ 8/13/17 Age 77 (XYL of W7TOA)
 K2LRW   Herbert Fort             Bath, NY 8/18/17 Age 92 (WWII US Navy Vet)
 WN9DDV  C. Richard Pumphrey      Crossville, TN 9/1/17 Age 70
 WA2PZI  Larry Moldauer           Edison, NJ 9/2017 Age 71
 W8DBF   Duane B. Fischer         Flint, MI 12/21/17 Age 71
 KB5DOH  Al Councill              Oklahoma City, OK 1/2018 Age 71
 N0FM    Frank Mastroni           Denver, CO 6/4/2018 Age 93
 K7OX    Gary D. Elliott          Spokane, WA 6/11/2018 Age 81 (US Navy Ret)
 AA5T    John Thuren              Bellaire, TX 9/11/18 Age 84
 W7RXG   Norm Sanford             Salt Lake City, UT 10/18/2018 Age 92
 WB2FXK  Jack Slocum              Horseheads, NY 11/1/2018 Age 90
 N3IBX   Joseph Cro               Washington Crossing, PA 4/18/19 Age 60
 K0ISK   Donald R. Fox            Ontario, CA 7/23/19 Age 84
 N3XJF   Patrick H. Spencer       Pensacola, FL 5/20/20 Age 81 (US Navy Ret)
 WA5BDR  James E. Singleton       Florence, OR 6/28/20 Age 81 (US Navy Vet)
 N1ATO   James Larner             Bangor, ME 9/2/20 Age 74 (US Army Vet)
 KQ1H    James W. Allen           Jefferson, ME 7/16/21 Age 78    
 W4ASM   Stephen J. Milovich      Parrish, FL 9/16/21 Age 70
 KF4EKA  Sandra L. Bowen          Stephen City, VA 11/23/21 Age 74
 K2RQA   Donald K. Smith          East Greenbush, NY 2/8/22 Age 83
 K3PNX   Eugene B. Bishop         Ivanhoe, NC 2/20/2022 Age 91 (USAF Vet)

Notable Friends & Associates of Swan Radio Community:

William "Bill" Yerger - Merchant Marine Radio Officer
Walter S. Taylor - K2MLT - Wine Industry Leader
W. Robert Dabb - K2QAU - OSHA Investigator & WWII Veteran
Barry Morris Goldwater - K7UGA - U. S. Senator
Jean Shepherd - K2ORS - Radio Broadcaster & Author
Frank A. Gunther - W2ALS - Radio Engineer

Pioneers of Early Radio & Electronics:

Allen B. Du Mont - Radio & TV Component Developer
Robert Trout - CBS Radio Anchor

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Silent Key Submissions & Information Requests

Anyone becoming aware of the passing of a member of the amateur radio community that should be remembered through our Silent Key page, can submit an obituary. If the deceased was never a licensed amateur radio operator, state the reason for inclusion. Submissions can be made via E-Mail:

The Swan Radio Silent Key page lists those deceased individuals who have in some way impacted the Swan User Group organization through technical or social contributions in support of Swan Radio collecting and/or Swan Radio HF Net participation.

Additionally, since each person listed was known personally by at least one Swan Net organizer, there is further non-private information available upon request.

Refer to SWAN Radio Network for additional contact information.

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