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Nonstop Series (one hour length dance MIDIs)
Resident MIDI Files (exclusive MIDIs sequenced by our own lineup of musicians)
TATU - All The Things You Said
This Russian Duo are hot!
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TECHNO / ELECTRONICA: Techno anthems suitable for the rave scene Total: 129
  1. [7 Colours] Lost Witness (JohnPrice)*
  2. [Acid Folk] Perplexer
  3. [Adelante] Sash!
  4. [AM 2:00] TJ
  5. [Angel] Paul Van Dyk (JohnPrice)*
  6. [Bachtech] Bachtech
  7. [Back in the UK] Scooter
  8. [Back Once Again!] Beatmaster
  9. [Banjo] TvM
  10. [Bellisima] DJ Quicksilver
  11. [Blood is Pumpin'] Voodoo & Serano (AJB)*
  12. [Blow Ya Mind!] Lock'n'Load (ChrisHodder)
  13. [Bodacious Bhangra] Sam Sketty
  14. [Boom Boom Boom] Outhere Brothers
  15. [Breathe] Prodigy
  16. [Bullet in the Gun 2000] Planet Perfecto (JohnPrice)*
  17. [Call Me Manana] Scooter (JohnPrice)*
  18. [Can't Stop Raving (original)] Dune
  19. [Collision] New White
  20. [Celebration Generation] Westbam
  21. [Come Into] Moon5150
  22. [Circus Bells (Hardfloor Mix)] Robert Armani (Neily)*
  23. [Crystal of Moondust (SC-88)] Masaki Sizuki
  24. [Da Funk] Daft Punk
  25. [Darkest Behaviour] Dancecube
  26. [Dear Jesse] Roller Girl
  27. [D.e.v.i.l] 666 (AJB)*
  28. [DJ-Net] DJ Choice
  29. [Dream to Me] Dario G (JohnPrice)*
  30. [Electric Heaven] Dune (SebastianSteger)
  31. [Encore Une Fois] Sash!
  32. [Endless Summer] Scooter
  33. [Equazion/Aquazio Part #4] Q-tex and Marcus Nordin
  34. [Fade (SC-88)] Masaki Sizuki
  35. [Feel the Beat] Darude (MYSTIQAL)
  36. [Feel the Energy] Chris and Jon Abbott
  37. [Foo] Kim Burgaard
  38. [Forever Young] Interactive
  39. [Formula] DJ Visage
  40. [Free] DJ Quicksilver
  41. [Galaxy of Dance] N-Traxx
  42. [Hand in Hand] Dune
  43. [Hard (Episode one - Sea of Trance)] Holger Kapela
  44. [Hardsync (Hit the Floor)] Dancecube
  45. [Heart of Asia] Watergate
  46. [Herz Herz] Blumchen
  47. [Hey Boy Hey Girl] Chemical Brothers (JohnPrice)*
  48. [Hit Hard] Robert Armani (Neily)*
  49. [Hokon] Beathooven
  50. [Hymn] Music Instructor
  51. [I Follow the Sun] Mr. President
  52. [I Have a Dream] DJ Quicksilver
  53. [I Love You Stop] Red 5
  54. [Images] Chris and Jon Abbott
  55. [In the Dawn] Robert Miles
  56. [James Bond Theme] Moby
  57. [Into Digital (UTM Mega Mix)] Polygon Prompt
  58. [Join Me - Mix] Roger Zuend
  59. [Keep it up] J & R Project
  60. [Kernkraft 400] Zombie Nation (TOPLIST)
  61. [Kleiner Sattellite] Blumchen
  62. [Knocking] Double Vision
  63. [Kryogenique] MU-lator
  64. [Loops of Fury] Chemical Brothers
  65. [Love Come Home] DJ Jean
  66. [Love Vision] N-Traxx & X-Static
  67. [Luv Attack] Fabien Ezber
  68. [Luv U More] DJ Paul Elstak
  69. [Mars Mobil] N-Traxx
  70. [MIDItation] Oleg Kuznetsov
  71. [Moaner Beach (Beach Hunt Mix)] Underworld
  72. [Mysterious Times] Sash!
  73. [Night] Carl Edwards
  74. [NJ's Mix] Nick Jason
  75. [No Good] Prodigy
  76. [Obsessive] Andre Kruger
  77. [Permanent Flux] Dancecube & Brother Nao
  78. [Phatt Bass] Warp Brother's Vs Aquagen (AJB)*
  79. [Phaze1] Dancecube
  80. [Planet Arcturus] Morten H. Svendsen
  81. [Planet Love] DJ Quicksilver
  82. [Rabitekk] Orchit
  83. [Rainy Day] 94215-GM
  84. [Rave 3000x] Mista DJ
  85. [Rave II; The Trip] Mista DJ
  86. [Rave on] DJ Paul Elstak
  87. [Reinforce XG (Acid Force)] Holger Kapela
  88. [Right Here Right Now] Fatboy Slim
  89. [R T F T] Kim Burgaard
  90. [Running Scared (Degroove Yamaha95 Mix)] Dancecube
  91. [Sahara] Moon5150
  92. [Sandstorm] Darude (TOPLIST)
  93. [Satellite] XG Files
  94. [Save the Robots] Members of Mayday (SebastianSteger)
  95. [Shellshock] Sam Sketty
  96. [Smack My Bitch Up] Prodigy
  97. [Sonic Surf] Sonic Surfer
  98. [Space] Moon5150
  99. [Stay] Sash!
  100. [Strings of Life] Rythim Is Rythim (Neily)*
  101. [Techno-Forest] Techno Directory
  102. [Teknofreeze] Jared Newman
  103. [The Drive] DJ 7up
  104. [The Launch] DJ Jean
  105. [The Logical Song] Scooter
  106. [The Power of Goodbye] Madonna
  107. [The Summer] ATB (MM3K)
  108. [This (remix)] DJ SI
  109. [This is the night (10min remix)] DJ Blackbird
  110. [Time to Fight (Mortal Kombat Theme)] The Immortals (AJB)*
  111. [T.K.O.] Juno
  112. [Tough Machine] Hiroaki Shigetomi
  113. [Track 1] ID
  114. [Track 2] ID
  115. [Track 3] ID
  116. [Track 4] ID
  117. [Tranz] Dave Kelly
  118. [Tukan B] Andrey Revvo
  119. [Turn Around] Phats and Small (LERENTI)
  120. [Vibes] Crackhead and Magic Myron
  121. [Violin] Jordi Box
  122. [Virtua Kiss] Kenji Tanaka
  123. [When Absence Materializes] Kim Burgaard
  124. [Will I Ever] Alice Deejay
  125. [Waiting For The Day (Get in 2 Motion Dub)] Dancecube
  126. [Weapon of Choice] Fatboy Slim
  127. [Within My Mind] Nick Christian
  128. [Your Eyes] Stefan Hartinger
  129. [Your Love] Prodigy
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