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THE RESIDENTS: Who are these people?...
A "resident" is an individual whom dedicates exclusive original dance MIDI material to this site.
It is very easy to become a resident of "Nonstop," simply email Ralph E at
with some info and MIDI material and if you are good enough, your in! It's that simple!
So if your a sequencer of original dance MIDIs, start sending your best works
(minimum of 4 files, no less)
and it may be featured in this section along with your very own profile!
DJ Ralph E (aka Ralph Warren Engle)
Date of birth: 30.10.83
Nationality: German/Filipino
Residence: AKL, New Zealand

Previously known as "R W Engle," Ralph E first got attention at "MIDITRAX" in 2000, where he won 11 awards, at near consecutive months for his compositions, also with numerous other competitions like "Artist in Gold". From then, Ralph E introduced a bunch of "firsts" to the MIDI community such as the 5 "MIDI Album" releases, and of course the "Nonstop Series." Ralph E is now gaining attention for his MP3 tracks and plans to develop his skills through intense university training.
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Rusty Redden
Date of birth: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Residence: Denison, TX

A programmer from Denison, Rusty Redden began composing in late 1999 and since then has had a spring of success in the MIDI community winning awards from MIDI Music Festival, MIDITRAX, The MIDI Studio Consortium and TOS BBS.
He joined "Nonstop" at its opening which boosted Nonstop's name as
Rusty is a huge player in the MIDI community.
His style is diverse, going from Thumping Techno to Relaxing Ballads.
MIDI Files (right click and "save as")
< [Ans~a Recie~va] original mix of Le Click's "Call Me"
< [Changing Aura] original MIDI
< [DNB Junky] original MIDI
< [Eureka Experience] original MIDI
< [Evergreen] original MIDI
< [General Purpose] original MIDI
< [I Am Yours] original MIDI
< [M-Eye (Mission Impossible Theme)] original MIDImix
< [Midnight Satriani] featuring Joe Satriani
< [Symphonise the Brain] original MIDI
< [Techno Tempo Changes] original MIDI
< [Tenfold's Drumstyle] by Tenfold and RWEngle
< [Trouble with Coldplay] dance mix of Coldplay's "Trouble"
MIDI Files (right click and "save as")

< [Freefall] original MIDI
< [Jungle Party] original MIDI
< [Kinetic Percussion] original MIDI
< [Techno Millennium] original MIDI
< [The Landing] original MIDI
< [Trance-Fusion] original MIDI
Konrad Chan (aka Chan Tien Duc)
Date of birth: 01.08.86
Nationality: Canadian
Manitoba, Canada

This young Canadian started writing music around 1997 with his family's trusty old computer. Since then he has been busy with numerous projects and contests.
Joining "Nonstop" in late 2000, he moves on to writing Newage, Fantasy style music for individual gaming projects.
MIDI Files (right click and "save as")

< [Bassment] original MIDI
< [Circut Flight] original MIDI
< [Cyberwave] original MIDI
< [Knosses] original MIDI
< [The Final Voyage] original MIDI
< [Turn Up The Intencity] original MIDI
< [Venus] original MIDI
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