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                                WHO IS: DJ RALPH E
                                NAME // RALPH WARREN ENGLE
                                LOCATION // AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND
                                DATE OF BIRTH // 30.10.83
                                BLOOD // FILIPINO / GERMAN

DJ/Producer Ralph Warren Engle, has been named a "promising and upcoming artist" by the Music & Audio Institute of New Zealand. Music On The Edge calls him, "a very versatile attribute in music that is not found very often" and DamNation swears Ralph E's "a lot better than most rubbish that's floating around."

This Filipino/German halfcast born in 1983, follows the footsteps of his family. With his father being a successful TV actor, mother singing with "Leather & Lace", uncles and aunts, being Jazz musicians, Pianists, Drummers, the lot - it seems only natural that music and entertainment run in Ralph E's blood. Ralph E himself has been involved in numerous professional theatrical productions, including being one of seven leads in Sam Scott (Shortland Street director) and Ryan McFayden's critically acclaimed show "The Love Wrangler (2001)."

Musically, Ralph E recalls his writing of music as early as the 1990's. Where, at the innocent age of 7, Ralph E's hobby was to create tunes by layering vocal and simple keyboard patterns all by the use of two primative cassette decks and a microphone.
It's within his high school days where Ralph E's music production really began to develop. Continuing his studies of Piano from the age of 7, he also gained private tutoring for Singing and Guitar. Ralph E also studied, in-depth, the science and art of “MIDI Sequencing" - through his school’s top-of-the-art MIDI suites!
Busy Ralph E was continuously producing many songs via MIDI, whilst writing lyrics and music for his pop-rock band "Major Influence" where he sung, played Piano and was manager of the 5-person band! The band's highlight was when it received 3rd place in the "Auckland High School's Talent Quest 2000" behind 2 non-musical performances.

Also in 2000, Ralph E established the now internationally known website "Nonstop" which features the largest and finest dance MIDI collection ever to surface the web, featuring original material including the pioneering idea of an hour-length dance MIDI series. The website "Nonstop" has been labelled Site of the Day (ANGELFIRE); Featured Site (ABOUT.COM); Fave Local Site (LOOPS&SAMPLES), not to mention an appearance in TEARAWAY MAGAZINE.
Ralph E was extremely active in his schooling years wether it be working with his band, producing his own songs, or working on "Nonstop".
His school testimonial quoted "Ralph is widely involved in the life of the school. He has participated in Theatre Sports, Boys Choir, School Productions, displaying a high level of proficiency. He is a very talented and lively performer." It concludes, "He is always friendly and cheerful and has a good sense of humour. He is a likeable and sociable person who relates very well to his peers."

In 2002, Ralph E took a "Turntabilism" and "Live Sound & Event Management" course in MAINZ, and with his new qualifications and help from many friendly peers, Ralph E invested time and money on Disk Jockying, building a following through pubs and friends' house parties.
Now 2003, Ralph E's journal is booking up fast, with ground residencies at PP and the ever busy club, "The Exchange," and club "6th Sense" with plans for two upcoming parties, one with Up FM DJ "Paul Marrs," the other a Breaks (open-mic) party, and on top of - an acceptance into a 3 year Diploma into Sound Engineering, things are only looking up for this upcoming individual.

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