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Novels by Karen Deal Robinson

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  • The Chronicles of Lorliale

    1. Firithyleleni Now available at
    2. Reunion in Lorliale Now available at
    3. The Last Song of Leleni Mihaien Now available at
    4. Shantele's StarNow available at

  • Other Novels

  • Biography

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    Firithyleleni cover


    In 1973, Cathy and six other high school students find their way into the magical world of Lorliale when their bus is stranded at a mysterious mansion. The queen of Lorliale, Firithyleleni, asks for their help when a stranger calling himself a Son of the Drolords appears in the ancient castle off the coast from the capital city.

    This book is now available through

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    Reunion in Lorliale cover: rainbow bridge

    Reunion in Lorliale

    Ten years after her first visit to the magical land of Lorliale, Cathy returns with her son and two of her friends, following their high-school reunion. When her son is kidnapped by dragon-worshippers, she and her husband and their friends must use the magical powers of Lorliale to try to rescue him.

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    Last Song of Leleni Mihaiën cover

    The Last Song of Leleni Mihaien

    This story from the early history of Lorliale tells of the life and death of Leleni Mihaien. Leleni was one of the "zelime", or Helpers, that appear in Lorliale every thousand years and become guardian spirits after their deaths.

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    Shantele's Star cover: view of Shantele's Lighthouse

    Shantele's Star

    Cathy's granddaughter, Star, is sent to live with an aunt when her widowed father cannot keep her out of trouble. Guided by her grandparents and her aunt, Star finds her way into the magical land of Lorliale, against the wishes of her father. In the process of finding her way home, she is reconciled with her father. This is a double story, for Star discovers ancestral memories of two women who lived in Lorliale thousands of years ago, Shantele and her daughter Zyradia. Shantele was the youngest of the Drolords' Wives, and Zyradia was one of the "zelime", or Helpers of Lorliale. Through her memories, Star discovers the history of the Drolords, the ancient and mysterious sorcerers who lived in Lorliale at the dawn of history.

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    Beyond the Wall Cover: Flattop Mountain

    Beyond the Wall

    When Dorothy McLaughlin begins to have dreams about a young man named Nathan who died in Vietnam, she wonders if he's real, or just a figment of her lonely imagination. As she hikes the trails of the Colorado mountains, marches for gay rights, and shares her love of Tolkien and Oz with friends and lovers, Nathan is at her side. Or is he?

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    Lunea Cover: view of desert in Lunea


    Sixteen-year-old Farien embarks on a voyage with several other people, seeking to find out why their world, Lunea, is slowly dying of drought. Lunea is our own Moon in an alternate reality. The "seas" of our Moon are real seas on Lunea, and the lands are home to a variety of people, elves, and wizards.

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    Magic in Exile Cover: Bev and Alder

    Magic in Exile

    A young astronomy student named Bev is seeking her lost family in Rocky Mountain National Park when she stumbles upon a portal into an alternate-reality world named Wovenwood. In Wovenwood, sea level is at the equivalent of 8,000 feet in our world, and Graystone Castle stands atop Longs Peak. A usurper named Narrowskull lives in Graystone castle, while the rightful king, Alder Graystone, lives in hiding with a band of loyal followers. Pursued by Narrowskull's soldiers and fire ghouls, Bev and Alder flee through Wovenwood and our own world, before returning to Graystone Castle for a final showdown.

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    Yulequest cover: view of winter woods with snow


    In this Christmas story, twelve-year-old Jessica and her little sister Megan are sent to live with their grandmother and Aunt Matilda in a cabin in the mountains, when their mother suffers a nervous breakdown. They learn that depression is a family trait and that their grandfather committed suicide one winter's night. They find a magical board game in the attic of the lodge, and meet three mysterious children who play the game with them in an effort to end what Aunt Matilda calls the "family curse."

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    Anna Bandanna cover:  Anna Bandanna

    Anna Bandanna

    In this middle-grade chapter book, eight-year-old Emily despairs of ever making friends in third grade, until Grandma introduces her to a magical doll named Anna Bandanna. Includes instructions for making Anna Bandanna from a folded bandanna. This book can be read complete on this site here.

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    Enemy Spies cover: silhouettes and flags

    Enemy Spies: Nathan Hale and John Andre

    This is a fictionalized biography of two spies of the American Revolution, one American and one British. Their stories are told in alternating chapters that highlight the eerie similarities in their lives and deaths. This book can be read complete on this site here.

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    copyright 2002 by Karen Deal Robinson
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