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Karen's Doodle Deck

This is a deck of tarot-like cards that I drew for my own use. The images came from the doodles I found myself scribbing for years in the margins of my high school and college class notes, and later during meetings. There are no "official" meanings to these images. I don't know if they will speak to anyone but me, since they rose out of my own subconscious.

You are welcome to print these pictures and cut them out to make cards for your own personal use. I ask, however, that you do not reproduce them otherwise without my permission.

You may also be interested in the table I put up for my own mnemonic use:

Tarot Table

It lists the Lesser Arcana in a pattern that helps me remember the pictures on the pictorial Tarot deck if I'm using one that is not pictorial or using an ordinary deck of playing cards. I've been using the Waite Rider deck for forty years, and the characters on the cards feel like old friends, so I can usually remember, but coming up with a kind of pattern helps.

Doodle Deck page 1

Doodle Deck page 2

Doodle Deck page 3

Doodle Deck page 4

Doodle Deck page 5

copyright 2003 by Karen Deal Robinson

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