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How to make the Bandanna Horse puppet

This puppet uses three bandannas. Begin by folding the inner bandanna in half:

Roll it up from end to end. Fold the outer bandanna in half diagonally and lay the inner bandanna on top of it:

Fold the top corner down:

Wrap the two ends of the outer bandanna around the inner one and tie them to form the ears:

Fold the third bandanna, which will be the mane, in half diagonally. Poke one folded corner under the knot forming the ears. The corner will form the forelock:

Wrap the corner back over the knot forming the ears and poke it through again:

Hold the innermost bandanna in your hand and drape the outer bandanna over your hand:

This completes the Bandanna Horse puppet.

If you like, you can poke the inner bandanna into a plastic or cardboard tube to make a stick horse:

And here he is looking over the gate:

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copyright 2003 by Karen Deal Robinson
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