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For the above reasons I have come to the conclusion that the appropriate sounding of the didge/yidaki, in this context, is a constant steady tone. Inflections made by myself may be well intentioned, yet they reflect thought forms that are personal to me, and bear no relationship to the recipient, and are therefore unnecessary. I have also found that circular breathing tends to shift me towards a trance state, and as a facilitator I am required to be fully present, alert and responsive to the needs of each session. Therefore I deliver the sound with a tone to one complete out-breath. I have been averaging 35 to 50 seconds per breath. Everyone will find their own variance with practice.

The Human Body has thirteen major movement points within the skeleton. These are the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and the point of movement at the base of the skull. These points relate to the physical grounding of the body. I facilitate a session on some one sitting in a chair, or lying down, as the recipient wishes.

To start with I will place my hands on the recipients heart-chakra, allowing soothing heart energy to contact and connect us both in a loving way. I use this time to clear myself, to surrender any distractions. I will then deliver 5 tones/breaths to the recipients feet. This grounds the individual, sending a soothing resonance throughout the body. There is a listening sense that the body has that is stimulated by this. The sound of the didge/yidaki is truly natural tone, one that our bodies 'know'. There is a sense/response to the didge/yidaki sound that is internal, and this allows the recipient to fully relax.

focus points for didge resonance on the body

I then deliver 2 tones/breaths to each of the thirteen movem ent points of the skeleton, working my way from the ankles, left and right, through the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists, and finally the base of the skull. This sequence works on the physical grounding of the body. Quite often the recipient will have drifted into a slight doze at this stage. Always careful to avoid disturbing the recipient, I continue the session.

Then I will deliver 2 tones/breaths each to the seven chakra points, working from the base of the spine upwards. I conclude this movement with 5 tones/breaths on the base chakra. This sequence works on the energetic grounding of the body, and is best delivered after the skeletal massage. Having completed these tones, I will return to the feet and deliver 5 tones/breaths.

Then weaving a figure of eight pattern with the didge/yidaki, over the recipient, I will deliver a complete body sounding, working from the feet upwards, crossing over at the knees, hips, upper chest and around the head. Working up and down a few times, three or four complete runs, returning to the feet.

I will leave the recipient to remain in the relaxed state for a while, and when I sense it is appropriate I will gently waken him/her. As he/she becomes more alert, I will offer a glass of spring water.


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