Gentle Healing Method with The Yidaki/Didgeridoo 1

What is sound?


Sound is the movement of wave/particles. Without that movement there would be nothing to notice. Sound is touching; it makes a connection between the source and the sensor at a molecular level. This is because sound is transmitted through the process of one molecule bumping or pushing the next, which is why sound travels at different speeds through different materials. The different densities of molecular structures act as a filter. All sounds created by a human being are intentional, ranging from the soothing voice of a parent to a newborn, the grunt of the professional tennis player, the chant of a Tibetan monk, the roar of a crowd watching a violent sport, and the subtle use of voice for propaganda purposes. From an ecological point of view, being intentional implies also a responsibility.

What is intention?


Intention is the source vision or imagined element, prior to thought, and arises well before the level of symbol. Intention operates on many levels, for example coordinated hand-eye movement of a musician playing a piano or a cook cutting onions; the attempts of a baby to put a piece of something s/he has found, in it's mouth; or the reaction of someone flinching from a sudden unexpected loud sound. What appear to be accidental results can often in reality be an expression of intention.

Healing Intention


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For myself, to answer these questions honestly I often will find that there may be layers beneath what I first say, that at deeper levels, different intentions can become apparent. Therefore it is imperative that I access my intention, consciously and clearly, when facilitating a healing session. By being aware of the sounds I am making and how they carry or reflect my intention, within context, I can take full responsibility for those sounds.

'Within context' brings to mind the conceptual framework of ecology. To consider my intention in an ecological context often takes me to an even deeper level of appreciation of my intention. The core intention required for this type of healing is this: that I am facilitating a flow of healing energy that the recipient requires, and thus it is the recipient who is 'calling the shots' so to speak. I cannot be directing that energy - it is the workings of the inherent healing forces of the recipient that are directing the flow. My deep respect for the communal space we share requires that I be neutral and fully present.


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