Gentle Healing Method with The Yidaki/Didgeridoo 3





The final part of the session is as important as any other, and that is to ask the recipient to recount their experience, should they wish, and to listen with a full focus on active listening. The recipient must have a witness to the experience. This helps the recipient to ground and retain the experience. It is always for the benefit of the recipient that they be heard, and that they walk away with a sense of their own healing power. I always infer that it is their healing power that has been active in the session. I am facilitating the experience of that internal healing power, and the only arbiter of the session is the recipients experience.

I recommend this type of healing as a gentle soothing relaxing treatment. I make no claims other than it will help one to relax, that it ought to be pleasant, and I have based this method on 7 years of delivering didge/yidaki massage's.





























I recognise that there are others who have been using the yidaki for many eons, and that I have put together this technique in ignorance of their vast experiential knowledge. I do not assume in any way that I have created a superior technique, and I look forward to discovering more when it is appropriate that I should do so. I acknowledge a very great debt to Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples world-wide.

The experience of hundreds of thousands of years, and of thousands of cultures, is not to be discounted. Their place in this world is sacred. Their experience is part of yours and my heritage, and it is essential that we do whatever we can to protect that heritage, by supporting Indigenous Peoples in maintaining their uniquely sustainable way of life.

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Artwork by BenRTek and Corneilius Lookwood


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