Peace means not fighting. Peace means engaging in an honest conversation. Peace is the basis for profoundly good health.

Take a look at Harold Pinter's passionate and inspired Nobel Lecture, shown on video December 7, 2005 In Börssalen to the Swedish Academy in's a stunning and moving indictment of our governmants slothful appraoch to peace. here

Nuclear Disarmament and Peace Making are the key elements of the purpose of the United Nations. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the 5 main nuclear 'powers' at the end of WWII) have blocked this work, as they are the largest arms manufacturers and they place a heavy emphasis upon being manufacturers and sellers of those weapons. These governments have done this through the abuse of theSecurity Council Veto, (read more about this here) and by virtue of the fact that their citizens do not get involved in putting pressure upon their governments to disarm.

There's plenty of good info on the United Nations to be found, some of which is available on this site.... take an interest in it, for the majority of the people working at the UN are genuine, and are working very hard in quite difficult circumsatnces, on your behalf. They really want you to get involved, to put pressure on your government to make progress in Human Rights, Disarmament and Ecology, and in particular if you are a citizen of US, UK Russia, France or China it is your right, and perhaps your duty to bring as much pressure as possible to bear on your government to abandon the use of the Veto, and to committ to peaceful negotiate resolution of conflicts, as well as disarmament.

The mechanisms are there, if only those Governments would use them. Therefore it is up to us, to you and I, to get moving and to agitate for peace. It will not be handed to us on a plate, I can guarantee that much!

Campaign and Appeal to reform the Veto from the UN SC and the UN GA : A legal framework for change : only you can do it! here

A page of selected resources and ideas regarding peaceful technologies. here and more on the United Nations here

some useful links!

forgiveness project - an amazing, inspiring and wonderful project - very revealing, shows the power of ordainary people moving from the heart!

us military budget data - hard to get info / excellent site for detailed costing of the war machine

peace one day - promoting peace through local action / excellent site, one of many like it

earth charter - a statement of conscious intent / excellent site, a clear and intelligible document

circus2iraq - clowns who venture into conflict zones to help children and confront the odd soldier

nuclear power is not a good idea!