just a few thoughts on peace, government and our responsibilities - after all it is our money they are using. ........

We all need to know that our governments are commited to peace, without the deterrent of military mechanisms, by the process of open negotiations whose outcome is determined on a win-win basis, for all parties involved.

We need to know that our government acts according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Nations Charter, which they have ratified.

We need to know that our government is prepared to incapacitate and destroy all it's own weapons of mass destruction, and to abandon all such technologies, a stated aim of the United Nations.

Who can verify this for you? What evidence can they present that supports such a verification?

If you don't know, find out! Start at your local level to ask these questions. Ask your local elected councillors and non-elected council officials. Ask your teachers. Find out who these people are and contact them. Talk to them politely. Or not. Either way do it with lots of compassion and love thrown in - never subdue your passion for change for others sensibilities. And of course since your own personal committmwnt to world peace is unbreakable, let them know that too, keep reminding them that you are on the case, that you are not alone.

Action has an impact - as does inaction - ask yourself these questions - see what comes up for you.

What is the cost of my comfort and wealth?

Would I accept less, so that all peoples could have their needs met?

Could I let indigenous peoples live as they see fit, given their ancient roots, their obvious sustainability?

Are they not entitled to remain on their lands?

Could I learn to manage land better, less for profit than for communal access to food, beauty and materials?

Could I make peace and well-being in the world my priority?

What is the purpose of my life?

costofwar.com - current cost of iraq war, to USA in $, more or less accurate!

Although the cost to the Iraqi people is not mentioned! Doh!

iraqbodycount.com - 'officially' quoted details of deaths in iraq,

just add a '0' at the end of their figures, and double it! read why here!

Read an article on the 2006 Lancet Report on Iraqi Casualties and Deaths here

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