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 Responsible Pet Ownership

You've got to ask yourself if you've the time and inclination to take care of a pet. Although hamsters are not difficult to keep, they still need care and attention.


Are hamsters the right pet for you?

There are many hamster owners around the world and this is also true of Singapore. So, what's their appeal? And is a hamster the right pet for you? Many Singaporeans get a hamster because they feel it's an "easy" pet to keep - many owners are children (although sometimes they are not the ones actually cleaning the cages). With little space available at home, a hamster seems the best choice. Indeed, a hamster occupies a relatively small space at home and they require a relatively easy routine for its care. But, this doesn't mean that it's the pet for everyone! Remember that every pet's a commitment.

A short "slide show" on Responsible Pet Ownership at Texas A&M's Veterinary Site, Curing and Caring

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