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Radium Recording / Chris Bishop

_______________________some summer hymns________________________

Howdy! Radium Recording is where Chris Bishop works (lives) and where all the cool (poor) bands in Athens GA go to make great records. Rates are reasonable (really low). There's plenty of super (adequate) equipment, but it's not about that-it's about making good music, having a good time doing it, and trying to beat the high score on the Atari. References can be found on the Records and Clients pages. Or, if you want to question Chris at length:
Use a phone! (706) 335-4655
Use the e-mail!


Chris Bishop p.o. box 48265 Athens GA 30604 * (706) 335-4655 *

Testimonials and quotes, testifying to the way people view their experiences here :

"I had a nice time. The fruit and cold cut trays were satisfactory."
--Jeff Griggs (Masters of the Hemisphere, Je Suis France)

"lo-fi recording does not mean 'make it sound crappy.' Whoever engineered this record should be forced to eat a copy."
--(from a review of the Black Lips 7" on the Delusions of Adequacy website)

"You are able to bring out the rock within us and superimpose it upon more rock. Keep rock, rock, rockin' with the rock."
--Ian Werden (Slackdaddy)

"Chris has helped many bands complete their recordings."
--Gordon Lamb(flagpole magazine)

"Chris did for us with $300 more than a lot of unsigned bands have gotten with upwards of $1000. i worship him like a cow."
--Matt (Brown Frown)

"The best studio in town."
--Scott Spillane (Gerbils, Neutral Milk Hotel)

"(Chris Bishop)...did an amazing job putting up with all the shit I brought him."
--Chris Uhde (Annaray)

"It was nice of you to do all that stuff you did."
--Ian Darken (Murder Beach)

--Zachary Gresham (Summer Hymns), interviewed by
Pitchfork: Segue into Voice Brother and Sister. The production on that record is amazing.

Zachary: You think so? You like it?

Pitchfork: Oh, yeah, the percussion sounds so huge. Nothing bothers me more than dinky-sounding drums.

Zachary: I agree. I hate drums where you can't make out anything. Chris Bishop recorded all the basic tracks at his house, and he has a certain style of doing things. And then, Chris Colbert, who's an older and better engineer-- I mean he's been doing it for 15 years and he's really good-- had to mix something that he didn't record, and he'd get really frustrated on some songs. He (Chris Colbert) mics the snare, mics the kickdrum, and then sets up an overhead mic. But for some tracks, he had to do a lot of weird EQ'ing and shit. On one song in particular, I think it's "Beginning to See," the way the drum track was recorded was really fucked up and it ended up sounding really good, even though it was frustrating for him. I like the way it turned out because it wasn't as predictable for him and he had to work and do things a little bit different from how he normally would, and I think that's cool.

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