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April 8th 2005-
The Newsapalooza:
* Just got back from a week out in Austin, Texas, working on an album with the Casting Couch...all the equipment I brought out seems to have survived intact, except for one VU light on a mic preamp. A small price to pay for a relaxed working vacation...and by "relaxed," I mean 12 hour days/nights of frenzied, disorganized activity. We'll finish it all up in a month or two.
* Heather McIntosh and the Instruments managed to get most of an album done before Ms. McIntosh's relocation to New York City...eventually it'll get done and be released by Orange Twin.
* Geoff Reacher finished a 4-song EP and is continuing work on his next album.
* Patrick Keenan (Cursive Persons) came from South Carolina for a few days to start work on his next project, a semi-thematic collection of semi-electronic extra-melodic rock music...
* No Such Thing made a very quick & easy 12-song record, they'll be self-releasing it in the very near future.
* Ponch Magic has started working on some songs, with plans for a future EP...
* And, the usual folks have continued working on the expected long-term projects. Folks like Venice. Folks like France.

February 3rd 2005-
Gee, has it really been 5 or 6 months since I updated the News page? That's not like me at all, here's what's been going on, starting with the most recent of events:
* Venice Is Sinking have been mixing their record, this thing is going to be AMAZING. Can you stand being amazed? If so, look for pre-official-release copies at their shows in a couple of weeks, possibly, if they decide to do that. Maybe I should have asked them what their plans are, exactly...
* Elevado have started work on a full-length album, and gotten off to a very productive and fast-paced start.
* No! have a 10-song demo just about finished...
* Red Leader came in and laid down a few songs, with no definite plans of what to do with them at this point...
* Betsy Franck started work on some new blues-esque material.
* Lawrenceville band Temerity returned to work on some new songs with their refurbished lineup.
* Heather Hennenburg recorded some new songs to complete the record we'd started on a ways back.
* Silence (now "Silence Syndicate") continued work on their next record...
* Also, Wayne Fishell, Je Suis France, and (unbelievably) Summer Hymns have all been continuing their various projects.

August 25th 2004-
Many cool things have been going on recently, including:
* Deer Hunter (of the Die Slaughterhaus gang) came in and managed to complete an album in 2 short days...look for it on vinyl in the next couple of months.
* The Casting Couch came from Austin, Texas for a week of recording and hanging out, we got 5 songs done which will be released in EP form, you can probably request a copy from their website:
* Work on the next Summer Hymns album is still going strong, we're getting very close to wrapping it up, the plan right now is for a January release on Misra.
* The superb and legendary Athens band Reading recorded what may be their swan song, a 15-minute opus entitled "Life is colder than beer". It's getting a fair amount of airplay, and not entirely because DJs like playing long songs so they can go to the bathroom. Perhaps if everybody sends enough email to, or they'll change their minds about breaking up.
* Nick Light came in to work on some demos for an upcoming project...
* Atlanta's Wayne Fishell has gotten started on his next album, with Claire Campbell producing, and a few of her Hope for agoldensummer bandmates might play on it as can check the progress and get updates at
* Flash To Bang Time got started on some basic tracks for their upcoming full-length release.
* Despite its members having moved to Boston, San Francisco, Miami and Atlanta, Je Suis France managed to get everybody together to continue work on the various albums and EPs in progress. They're still flying, and they're never going to touch the ground.
* Venice Is Sinking is still at work on their first album, and a 5-song sampler/EP is available at shows or through
* Watkinsville band Toff recorded an EP, which is more than likely available at their shows...
* Rock and Roll Summer's Wes Whitener came down from North Carolina yet again to try and get their next album done...and this time it's really really almost done. Fun fact: Wes is one of the folks behind these "Roaming Gnome" commercials that are all over the airwaves...
* Ricky Fitzpatrick came in to work on a new song.
* ...and lastly, Murder Beach is just about done with our next record.

June 3rd 2004-
Well, it's been a busy 6 months since I've thought to update the news, although not really busy enough to justify my slackness...
* Summer Hymns have been continuing work on the 4th album, and were also kind enough to let me play the bass guitar with them on a 3-week tour of the west coast. It was fun. Elf Power headlined for us, and in return we let Andrew and Jimmy come in and add some overdubs to a few songs in progress...
* Venice Is Sinking have gotten started on their first record, it's going to be very very good. You know a band is serious when they bring their own gigantic organ over for a session.
* The Wee Turtles have actually finished something! It's an 11 song e.p. clocking in around 37 minutes, using the Fantastic Four comic book heroes as inspiration and metaphor.
* Je Suis France recorded the "Tittania" e.p. of cover songs, and managed to keep this fact a secret from half of the band members so as to surprise them. Also, we're trying to get the next full-length release "African Magic" (or maybe they prefer spelling it "Majik") done by the end of August.
* the Great Lakes came in and got started on a few songs, which Mr. Ben Crum will continue working on up in New York, as part of their next record...
* Bosch spent a day recording a couple of hours of their improvisational explorations, which they then took away to edit down at their leisure.
* Brown Frown finished up a few songs for some purpose or other, I don't what their intentions are exactly...
* Rock and Roll Summer are very close to having the next record done. Very, very very close.
* Bugs Eat Books mixed and mastered their new record "Ghosts of Leaves", which is out now on Happy Happy Birthday To Me records.
* This Scares Me recorded a few songs for various releases...
* Grand Fury continued their measured, deliberate recording pace by working on just a few songs.
* Hope for agoldensummer got their first album done, and it's out now. Go buy it.
* 5 Foot Flame recorded a few more songs for their eventual record...
* AND: the Carbonas finished off a few more songs to add to their next release.

January 13th 2004-
Well, it's been a busy 4 months since I've thought to update the news, I suppose the biggest thing that's happened is buying a new place, Radium Recording is now bigger and better. 43% more square footage, with 25% higher ceilings. And a front porch to sit on while sipping lemonade. Better acoustics too, which people tell me is important. Some bands have been working on things, including:
* Summer Hymns
* Reading
* Hope for agoldensummer
* Heather Hennenberg
* Big Gray
* Bunnykitty
* Geoff Reacher
* Jim Willingham
* the Specters
* Emily Boyd
* Music Hates You
* Drew Marler
* Josh Bowling
* Transmitter
* This Scares Me.

September 1st 2003-
It's been a very busy month, as the countdown begins to find a new house...
* The Black Lips came in for the weekend and recorded 13 songs for their next Bomp release, and while they did ask if I had any fireworks around, they refrained from setting anything on fire during their visit.
* The Darkness came in and sang a few songs for the next Je Suis France record, and then immediately hopped a passing train to get to his new home in Boston...
* The 5 Foot Flame, from Atlanta, came in and did an e.p./demo thing. Copies will no doubt be available at their next show...
* The High Caliber have continued mixing their first full-length album, we should be done in the next couple of weeks.
* Big Gray did a teeny bit of work on the perpetual next record.
* Geoff Reacher's gotten started on another big batch of songs, an official album is in the works...
* The Carbonas recorded 8 songs to either be an album or parcelled out to various comps and things...those guys continue to get better. Immediately after we got done, Jeremy the bass player hopped a passing train to Chicago. Why's everybody moving to the North, don't they know it gets cold up there?
* Occasional downtown busker "Fester" worked on demos for his next full-length project.
* ...and the Summer Hymns have continued to be hard at work on the next album, we've got about...16 or 17 songs started. This is going to be the best one yet. Plus there may be an e.p. as well...

August 6th 2003-
A less timely update than the last one:
* Divorce came in for a day to record a full-length 7-inch single. Yes, there is such a thing.
* Jim Willingham did a 3-song sampler of his current acoustic project.
* Silence completed the album they've been working on, currently shopping it around to labels...
* No Option completed the album they've been working on, they'll release it themselves in a couple of months...
* Slackdaddy completed the album they've been working on, Jeff Capurso's going to master it, it'll be out someday...
* The High Caliber have been getting work done on their record, they had This Radiant Boy (from Philadelphia)in doing "whoo-hoo" backup vocals on one of the tunes.
* The Wee Turtles have been crawling slowly along along on their next record and a "Fantastic Four" e.p...
* ...and the Summer Hymns are in here right now getting started on their next record.

June 9th 2003-
A more timely update than the last one:
* Action Attack came in for the weekend and recorded 10 songs for possible release, or at least passing out to interested parties.
* Grand Fury is in here right now working on demos for an upcoming project...
* Todd Ferry (of Stories Below) was in for a couple of days, doing some solo acoustic-type stuff, with Kevin Smith from that same band.
* Emily Boyd recorded a new song and got the rest of her material mixed, you can probably request a copy at upcoming live performances.
* ...and Slackdaddy and Meat Bikini are both getting closer to completing their albums.

June 1st 2003-
Folks that have been rocking include:
* The sweet and sensitive Je Suis France are officially at work on their next album/single/e.p...the France is now a 6-piece, having added the sensitive and sweet Sean Rawls (from the Masters o' the Hemisphere) to the lineup. Mr. Rawls is contributing a number of songs to the project, including "Duck Camp" and "Fuck the stress."
* R.E.N. started a record of some sort...that's right, R.E.N.!
* Started work on the Meat Bikini album, with Katie McQuitty, formerly of Brown Frown. Lots and lots of baby grand piano.

April 8th 2003-
Continuing the trend of an inverse relationship with the national economy, it's been very busy here of late:
* The High Caliber have gotten started on their first full-length album, and a couple of singles to boot, I expect it'll be done within the next month or so.
* Craig Chandler, formerly of In Larger, came in to work on some solo acoustic folk/dirty blues material. No release plan as of yet, but there ARE plans to have a band next time...
* Started working with Magic (of Fistfull Entertainment) on yet another rap project, apparently the first of many Fistfull artists yet to come...
* Alan Tanner of Your American Math came in to work on some, ahem: prerecorded backup tracks for a solo acoustic covers show...he's such a wacky guy, always with the crazy plans.
* The What-nots recorded a 6-song e.p. over the course of a weekend, sort of loud blues-type rock music, but blues in the 50's or 60's sense.
* After a break of SEVERAL months, No Option have gotten back to work on their album...(Wee Turtles, can you hear me, are you still out there?)
* Kevin Smith (of the band Stories Below) came in to do some mastering on one of his solo projects.
*...and heavy rock band Silence has gotten to work on their next full-length release. It's going to be very, very loud.

March 16th 2003-
Here's what's been up in the past couple of weeks:
* A newly-reactivated Rock And Roll Summer came down from Raleigh-Durham to start work on their next record, 17 songs, more acoustic and stripped-down than usual. It'll be a work in progress for a little while...
* Mastering the next album from My Teenage Stride, for Banazan Records.
* The next Murder Beach record is coming together. Tentative title: "the Messy Pompadour".
...And that's about it, except for the usual cleaning and organizing, and opening packages from UPS...

March 2nd 2003-
Here's what's been going on:
* Lots of new equipment, including a 32-channel mixer, new compressors and gates, a fancy delay box, 16 channels of portable digital recording (a DA-88 & DA-38), and a microphone or two. It's getting very crowded in here.
* Gotten started on the first rap project in Radium Recording's history, with Golden Child. It's gonna be off the chain...
* Murder Beach as been working on album #2, 14 or 15 new songs. "As impressive as Doc Ellis pitching a no-hitter on acid". (an actual quote from Judge number 3 at the Miller Lite Battle of the Bands)
* The Emergency came in for a weekend and recorded an 8-song e.p, available very very soon.
* Bootleg Audio, a Gainesville-area 5-piece, came in and did a 5-song demo, you can probably get a copy at their website,
* Geoff Reacher's been working on a 4-song e.p., it's sort of country music with live sequencing and samplers.
* and lastly, Rocket #9 is in here right now working on 11 or 12 or 13 songs, we'll see how many it is in a few hours.

February 10th 2003-
In the past week:
* Brown Frown made an 8-song record over a total of 2 days, showcasing both their serious loudness and strange senses of humor. Go get a copy at their next show.
* Todd Ferry came in with his new band and recorded a 5-song e.p., which should be available soon.
* I.E., a relatively new local 4-piece, recorded a 2-song single. Ask the individual members what they're charging for it, since there seems to be some competetive pricing schemes going on.
* ...and that's it. It was only a week, after all.

February 3rd 2003-
In the past couple of weeks:
* Slackdaddy have been in, continuing work on their next record. Any horn or string players interested in being a part of it, let us know...
* The Wee Turtles have also been in continuing their album and e.p. projects, at an appropriately turtle-like pace.
* Temerity, punk-pop high schoolers from the Lawrenceville area, recorded a 7-song e.p. over the course of a very long day. Good stuff, brings to mind a young Je Suis France. Go check 'em out when they find some all-ages clubs to play at.
* This Scares Me came in and recorded an all-live demo; 6 songs, 8 minutes total.
* ...and also, some various Capricorns, Bugs Eat Books, Rock and Roll Summer, and Hey, Revolution remixing; trying out the new equipment I've been acquiring; and trying to keep bats out of the studio. Unsuccessfully.

January 15th 2003-
So far the new year's been filled up with activity...
* Thomas Kay (of Grand Fury) came in to do a 5-song solo e.p. of mellow country-type stuff...all of the members of Grand Fury helped out, as did Betsy Franck, who in related news came in and recorded a 5-song e.p. of her own. All of the members of Grand Fury helped out.
* Summer Hymns finished up their 3rd album, "Clemency," for release on Misra in the next few months. Also, there's a plan for the first 100 copies to come with an extra disc of bonus songs, including some live tracks I recorded at the 40 Watt this past week.
* Hey, Revolution! completed an e.p., no release plans as of yet...
* Todd Ferry did some demo recording with his new band.
* No Option have started and mostly finished their first full record, no release date yet.
* ...and lastly but not leastly, The Capricorns came in and recorded their second record, "Go the distance," for Banazan Records.

December 2nd 2002-
* Had the honor of recording the last ever Masters of the Hemisphere show at the 40 Watt. 3 sets, 36 songs, it completely fills 2 CDs. There's already talk of releasing it, check back for more info on that.
* Summer Hymns recently went up to Nashville and recorded 14 songs with Mark Nevers, which due to time constraints ended up being pretty basic versions of the songs, so they're overdubbing a few extra tracks on top over here.
* Divorce, featuring former members of Goat Shanty and Halfula, came in and recorded a 9-song e.p., of about 8 minutes in length.

November 19th 2002-
In the previous couple of months it's been a little busy...
* The Carbonas came in and made another record, their first since the departure of charismatic guitarist Will Greene. No label chosen for release yet, but maybe they'll be updating sometime soon with more information on that.
* Kitty Snyder's next record is finished and mixed. Look for it by Christmas on Pitch-a-tent Records.
* New Athens band the Cursive Persons recorded a 5-song e.p., Jeff Capurso's going to master it, and it should be in stores soon.
* Calvin, Don't Jump were in to mix and master their record, which Calvin leader J. Kirk Pleasant has been recording at home for the past 2 years. "A way with birds" will be released by Happy Happy Birthday To Me, limited edition prerelease copies are available now if you catch them on tour or at
* ...and the Wee Turtles, Bunnykitty, Slackdaddy, Big Gray and Claire Campbell have all been working on their works-in-progress.