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Studio / Equipment

some of the tools used in the making of music here include: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tascam MS-16 1-inch 16-track
* previously owned by Isaac Hayes, or so the studio I bought it from told me
--Tascam 38 1/2-inch 8-track --Teac 3300S 1/4-inch 2-track
Tascam DA-20 mk 2 DAT recorder (2)
Tascam DA-88 8-track digital recorder
Tascam DA-38 8-track digital recorder
-and 2 computers...

Sound Workshop Logex 8 20-input mixer
Mackie 32*8 32-channel 8-bus mixer

Preamps / Compression
Ampex 601 tube mic preamp
Joe Meek VC1 mic pre/compressor
Art Pro MPA 2 channel tube microphone preamplifier
Art Dual MP 2 channel tube microphone preamlifier
Roberts 770X tube high impedance mic preamps (2)
Midland 4-into-1 mic mixer
FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor
dbx 128 stereo compressor/expander
dbx 166 2 channel overeasy compressor/limiter
dbx 163 overeasy compressor/limiter (3)
dbx 163x overeasy compressor/limiter
dbx 363x 2-channel gate

Multivox Multiechospring reverb/tape delay
Electra analog delay EP 250
Audio Digital TC2 Delay
Digitech S100 effects processor
Alesis Quadraverb

AKG D-12E dynamic bass drum mic
AKG D-112 dynamic bass drum mic
AKG D-190E dynamic mic (2)
Audio-Technica 4033a condenser mic
Beyer M-130 ribbon mic
Electro-voice EV 660 hypercardioid dynamic mics (2)
Shure SM-57 dynamic mics (3)
-- SM-58 dynamic mic
-- 33-1070 omnidirectional dynamic mics (5, Realistic brand)
-- 544 Unidyne 3 dynamic mic
University Sound 5020 super-cardioid dynamic mic
University Sound/Altec 1656 cardiod dynamic mic (3)
...and a few unidentifiable cheap mics as well...

Piano, upright, made by "Cable-Nelson"
Hammond organ, monophonic (tube)
Wurlitzer electric piano
Jaymar 3-octave toy piano
Yamaha Portasound PSS-130 keyboard
Yamaha Portasound PSS-160 keyboard
Gibson Les Paul Special electric guitar, 1980's with P-90 pickups
very basic CB700 drum set

Vox Cambridge 15 guitar amp (tube)
Peavey Basic 40 bass amp and Rage 108 guitar amp
* These actually belong to the Mendoza Line, but they've been here for 3 years and I expect them to remain for a while longer

Snackmaster food dehydrator (for baking old tapes)
Atari 2600, games (50)
Behringer Truth B2031 powered monitor speakers

this is not a complete list...

------------------------------ photo by Kirsten Nordine (of the Capricorns) ----------------------------