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Stairway To The Stars

There's a silver trail of moonlight
Leading upward to the sky,
And the night is like a velvet lullaby.
There's a heaven of blue,
And we'll go there, just you and I.

Let's build a stairway to the stars,
And climb that stairway to the stars
With love beside us to fill the night with a song.

We'll hear the sound of violins,
Out yonder where the blue begins;
The moon will guide us as we go drifting along.

Can't we sail away on a lazy daisy petal
Over the rim of the hill?
Can't we sail away on a little dream
And settle high on the crest of a thrill?

Let's build a stairway to the stars,
A lovely stairway to the stars;
It would be heaven to climb to heaven with you.

My thanks to Maria Niemela for sharing from her collection,
this 1961 publicity photo of Mr. Mathis

*The music to this song was composed under the auspices of bandleader Paul Whiteman by band members
Malneck (violin) and Signorelli (piano) as part of a larger "serious" (i.e., concert) work entitled
"Park Avenue Fantasy." Years before, he had previously sponsored another such "serious" work by
George Gershwin called "Rhapsody In Blue." Some years later, Mitchell Parish added lyrics.
(He was, and remains, the acknowledged master of the art of after-the-fact lyrics -- he did the
same thing with "Stardust," "Sophisticated Lady" and "Don't Be That Way.")
Words & Music by Mitchell Parish, Matty Malneck & Frank Signorelli*
Recorded by Johnny Mathis, 1961

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From the artwork of Jim Warren
Special triplelayer help from my dear friend, DEE

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