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I Have A Love/One Hand, One Heart

I have a love and it's all that I have
Right or wrong, what else can I do?

I love him; I'm his,
And everything he is I am too..

I am too...

I have a love and it's all that I need
Right or wrong, and he needs me too.

I love her, we're one

I love him,

There's nothing to be done.

Nothing to be done

Not a thing I can do,

But hold her/him,

Hold her forever,

Be with her/him now.....

Tomorrow, and all of my life....

I have a love and it's all that I need....

Make of our hands one hand,
Make of our hearts one heart,
Make of our vows one last vow,
Only death will part....
Us now.

Make of our lives one life,

Day after day one life.
Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart;
Even death won't part.....

Us now......

Make of our lives, one life,

Day after day one life.

Now it begins,

Now it begins,

Now's the start

Now we start

One hand,

One hand,

One heart,

One heart,

Even death won't part us now.

When love comes so strong,
There is no right or wrong,
Your love is,
Your love is,
Your love is,
Your life!

This music is from the Broadway Musical "West Side Story", which opened on Sept 26, 1957.
The music is by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Bernstein originally wrote this
for Candide which opened in Dec 1956 to disapproving critics. When Bernstein was asked
to score West Side Story, he asked Sondheim to write the lyrics to it and the rest is history.
The recording is from the music of Barbra Streisand, a Sony production, "Barbra Back to
Broadway". Many thanks to my friend, Bob Ramos for the exquisite photo and to my friend,
Beverly Meisner, for her expert help with the lyrics and music information. You guys, rock !!!!



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