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From the Author's desk

Hari Krishnan. K
Kallidaikurichi,  Tamilnadu - 627 416,  INDIA


and Welcome to the pages of "Hari's Carnatic".

I started this site some time in April 2002, with a few lines to test out the computer language I was trying to learn and later, out of curiosity, hosted it on the internet. Advised to make it meaningful to others, I looked for a suitable topic and decided on Carnatic music, my hobby. The additions went on telling about - society, culture, history etc, of South India, centering on Music and my village Kallidaikurichi, collecting information from worthy and reliable sources.

I have included plenty of  visuals and most of the thumbnails are click-enabled for enlarged view as also most of them carry tool-tip notes. I hope you will find this site friendly and meaningful.

Included are some of my Carnatic renditions, recorded at home, reachable from this site.  Sahithya (text in English) is included for some of the songs.

I specially thank my parents for their encouragement.

The feedbacks encourages me towards further additions/improvements. Your suggestions and feedback are very  valuable in this context.

While the links leads one through the pages, the Quick Navigation through the dish antenna symbol at the top right hand corner of pages takes you directly to the topic of choice.

Warmest Regards,

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