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07-Feb-09 5:32 PM

Dear Hariji,

I stumbled upon your website while googling for some information about Dhira Shankarabharanam and found it extremely useful and interesting.

I am looking for more information on the Carnatic equivalents of the ragas listed below and would be extremely grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

1. Bilaval (will also cover Ahilya Bilaval)
2. Khamaj
3. Yaman
4. Kafi
5. Bhairavi
6. Bhupali
7. Sarang
8. Bihaag
9. Hamir
10. Desh
11. Bhairav 

As you can see in my signature below I live in London.  I am currently trying to gather information and draw parallels of Carnatic and Hindustani music

Your response will be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards


Dr.Lata Govada
Department of BioMolecular Medicine,

Division of Surgery,Oncology,Reproductive Biology and Anaesthetics (SORA)

Faculty Of  Medicine,
Sir Alexander Fleming Building,
Imperial College London,
Exhibition Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2AZ


Name: Srikanthan Krishnamachari
Sunday, Dec 28, 2008

Dear Hari,

My Pranams. I am Srikanthan Krishnamachari from tamil nadu.

I came across your website. It was a wonderful experience. I am also tried to develop a website like that for a while but I give up everytime. After reading that you have been maintaining the website for a long time, I am so impressed. Do you have any other blogs in tamil, english etc? Do you know sanskrit?

Wish you best of luck.


Name: Pradeep PRJ
Date: Friday, Dec 26 2008

Dear Hari,

Its amazing that you have such an amount of information. Wonder if the author of the article you have given about the history of Kalidai Kurichi can be contacted.

As a student of history and based in Thiruvananthapuram this is the first time that I am seeing the links of Venadu to these parts. In a lucid way, what takes a lot of effort and reading.

Due to linguistic biases not many Tamil historians talk about the Venad / Chera connection of this region. Which is so obvious, the Kerala look of the people and their traditions cannot be wished away. And for Kerala historians it does not matter at all.

I would wish to met Shri Sankaranarayanan IAS retired if possible. Let me know if it is possible. By the way I am now in Ambasamudram, for a visit to Papanasam, Bana theertham which I occasionally come to.

Best wishes dear Hari.


Date: 3, Sep 2008
E-mail: tsmani@omsatyam.org

Dear Hari:

I spent my 'forming years' in the 'rich' town of Kallidaikurichi, between 1950 and 1959  (3rd grade through 11th) with my grand father T R Mahadeva Iyer. My daily morning trek to Thambrabarani for bath and 'drinking water' for the household is unforgettable. Depending upon the bulletin board size at Tilak Vidyalaya, my name may still be there for 1959.

As the generation would dictate, you have accomplished so much more at your age. I am a Radiation Physicist by training and am on the verge of retirement, here in California. What are your plans for your future?

About 15 years ago, I brought my wife and son (who is now 28) to Kallidai and I took them for a visit to Saraswathi Vidhyalaya and Tilak Vidyalaya

Please be in touch; your progress will be very worthwhile to know!

May God bless you with all the energy you need in your endeavors.


T S Subramanian

Walnut Creek, Ca


Name: Chellambi
Email: chellambi@gmail.com
Date: Friday, March 21, 2008 11:31 PM


Nice site on music, Wish you all the best for your future accomplishments.

I am from Kallidai and your site has brought a smile and some wonderful thoughts of my childhood in Kallidai. I hail from Ekambarapuram (My father) and ThonthiVilagam (My mother) in Kallidai.
Keep up the good work.


Name: N. Sandya

Email: sandhya.vizag@gmail.com

Date: Friday, November 23, 2007 7:31 AM


hello Sir,

I am Sandhya. I am a student, pursuing masters in Information Technology and management in USA. We have to complete a project of building a web site as part of our course curriculum. I am planning to build a site on "Carnatic music". I will be very grateful if you can kindly give me the permission to use the pictures of the musical instruments from your site


Please let me know.

Thank you


Name  : Abdul Rahman

E-mail : rahman.s@concordemotors.com

Date  :  Monday, November 19, 2007 7:54 PM


Hi Hari

I also belong to kallidaikurichi, North thaikkal street, now in Chennai. I completed my studies during the year 1992-1998

good work done by you keep it up


Name  : ajit kavin

E-mail  : ajit_6179@yahoo.co.in

Date  :  Sunday, November 04, 2007 2:24 PM


hi hari,

I am Ajit, a student of Thiagarajar engg college, Madurai doing my third year in b.architecture. we are in a process of studying mannar kovil temple. I browsed through your web pages. they were very informative, but we need more for analysis. if possible shall we meet there at kallidaikurichi. i can come anytime. its urgent hari and it would be very kind of you if reply me soon.

thank you.


Name   : Ramasubramanian

E-mail  : ramaisub@gmail.com

Date     : Thursday, July 19, 2007 5:26 AM

City      : Bombay

Country : India

Home Page:



Dear Mr. Hari


My father (who is no more) was born in Kallidai and my mother is from Ambasamudram. My mother learnt Carnatic music from Kallidai Ramalinga Bhagavathar who was the brother of the redoubtable Vedanta Bhagavathar. They were giants during that time. My father was associated with Sangeeth sabhas in Mumbai. It was music always at home. Those were the days when all had so much time and we could listen to all the great pioneers who sacrificed so much for the betterment of C Music. In fact my father used to say, that sometimes, they would take only Sambhavanai as fees and sing for 3 to 4 hrs. GNB style, MMI singing of swaras, Semmangudi and Ariyakudi's hard work in raising music to glorious levels were the talking point of everybody, affectionately called Mama's. With a plate of vadai, and steaming coffee, music used to be discussed and even Vidwan's used to sing with the Sabha secy's. It was so informal  those days.

The best Kutcheri for hearing is GNB, MS Chowdiah and Pazhani Subramaniam Pillai and Ghatam. I am giving you a web site were all the 1957 Mysore (immortal concert is posted).

There are many more  songs of GNB posted there. His singing of Manasu Nilpa -- in Abogi is superb.

Please go thru the web site, click on the songs in the web site. Rithigowlai raaga is so elevating that your tensions of exams will be driven off. Listen to this rendering and GNB's style of Nattai. GNB was a Prince in rendering Nattai Raagam. The legendary Fidelu Chowdiah with 7 strings had a mystical hold on the audience. Once again, enjoy, my friend.

Here is the web site : www.sangeethapriya.org/~gnb/downloads.html

You can download entire GNB 1957  concert in your hard drive if you have space - 187 MB. There are other songs in blue Click with Windows media player on. See the video tribute about GNB .

Do not think I like GNB only. I feel that all have their own style of singing. I like  late Palghat Narayanaswami, MDR's Akhilandeswari rendering, Santhanam's Pannaga Sayana  Padmanabha.... Ariyakudi with Palghat Mani Iyer, great combination, very rare nowadays.

Among ladies of course MSS is there. MLV's rendering of Tirupati Venkata Ramana ... RTP is outstanding. New singers, male OS Thygarajan and Sanjay Subramanian are good. Ladies Sudha Raghunathan is very good. She invariably starts the concert with Nattai.





Name: Jeyarama S.Ananta

E-mail: <jeyram@rice.edu>

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:15 AM



Home Page:

I used to be a resident of Kallidai kurichi. I am not that old to say I used to be. I studied in Lakshmipathy middle school and then continued in Tilakar Vidhyalaya upto 11 standard. You could see my name on the SSLC toppers for the year 1996-97. I stumbled upon your site as I googled Kallidai kurichi. But truly I am amazed at the wealth of information you posted there. You are one special kid (having Musical acumen is not possible for all). I still have my family out there and my best ever friends. I would be happy to meet you the next time I come there.


Name: Binesh Polisheri

E-mail: <binesh001@gmail.com>

Date: Thursday, April 05, 2007 6:47 PM



Home Page:



Het dude

accessed ur site

was absolutely great


The Literature was very informational




Also it wud b gr8 if u could include Sri Raja rajeshwari Ashtagam in the download section

Name: V. J. Jois
E:mail: vjj@pacific.net.sg
Home Page:
Date: 31 May, 2006 3:02 PM
Dear Sir,
I enjoy going to your website for the songs.
Could you kindly send me Thiruppugal-Niraimadhi mukamenum oli song pls.
Thanks and rgds


Name: K. V. Subramanian
E:mail: kv_s@rediffmail.com
City: Mumbai
Country: India
Home Page:
Date: 31 May, 2006 1: 56 AM
Dear Hari,
I came across your website while casually surfing the net. I am the nephew of late Mr. K.C.Sankaranarayan, an illustrous resident of Kallidaikkurichi, being his sister's son. It was very gratifying for me to read his article once again after a long time.
I am a resident of Mumbai, working for ICICI Bank.
What are you doing now and where are you located ? Are you still resident in Kallidaikkurichi ? If so pls give me your address so that I can meet you the next time I visit Kallidaikkurichi.


Name: r.ramachandran
E-mail: raamssarada@yahoo.co.in
City: coimbatore
Country: india
Homepage: R.Ramachandran, Advocate, coimbatore.
Date: 01-Oct-2005 11:28:03

Hello, I am native of Kallidaikurichi. I appreciate your work. All the best.


Name: Jeyakumar Lakshminar
E-mail: ljkumar@yahoo.com
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Date: 26-Sep-2005 23:07:46

Hi Hari, Good work keep it up. It was a higly 
informative site and well researched. This 
reflects your tremendous initiative and 
Incidentally my parents hail from Kallidai too 
and one of my my grand father Dr Subbier was a 
medical practioner in kallidai for a long time.


Name: Vivek Shankar Natara
E-mail: nvivekshankar@yahoo.com
City: Arlington( Dallas),
Country: USA
Date: 23-Sep-2005 02:05:30


Good job. Impressive coming from an young man 
like you. Keep it up


E-mail: abhinav@md4.vsnl.net.in
Country: INDIA
Date: 29-Aug-2005 16:26:38






Name: Sam Narayanan
E-mail: SamNarayanan@yahoo.com
City: Overland Park
Country: United States
Date: 09-Aug-2005 17:40:30

Great work, Hari! Keep it up. Wishes for you 
to attain great achievements. I'll try to meet 
you when I come to Kallidai next.

Sambasivan Narayanan
S/O S. Narayanan (SN Sir, Tilak Vidhyala)


Name: Mani Ramachandran
E-mail: subbraxx14@yahoo.com
City: Canberra
Country: Australia
Date: 26-Jul-2005 07:36:45

hi hari,

my name is mani, and i am a relative of Lakshmi 
Pathi. I just wanted to say your site is 
verygood, and to keep upthe good work.



Name: k. hariharaputhiran
E-mail: krishhari03@yahoo.com
City: mumbai
Country: 400 037
Date: 18-Jul-2005 04:47:13

I belong to Kallidaikurichi. I had completed 
my studies from Tilak Vidyalaya High School in 
the year 1973. I was the resident of 
Viswanathapuram Street (Kee Muu Mama Street). 
Now I am settled in Mumbai and working as PA to 
General Manager, Central Railway. My wife also 
belongs to Kallidaikurichi, Mudaliappapuram 
Street. I have only one son. He is a Tabla 
player and have won so many awards/prizes. As 
you mentioned about Dr. Mani. He knew me since 
my childhood. 


Name: Ramesh Kannan Balasu
E-mail: brameshkannan@yahoo.com
City: San Francisco
Country: CA, USA
Date: 22-Jun-2005 18:05:14


Your pages brought back my great memories. I do 
hail from Kallidai Kurichi and I studied in the 
same school you are going to. It was great to 
see some one speak about Kallidai Kurichi. Good 


Name: Aravind Balan
E-mail: aravindbalan@rediffmail.com
City: Coimbatore
Country: India
Date: 10-May-2005 12:14:32

Well done Hari. Your site serves as excellent 
source of information. I will keep visiting 
your site.


Name: sankaranarayanan
E-mail: sankars@vsnl.com
City: mumbai
Country: india
Homepage: http://personal.vsnl.com/sankars
Date: 23-Apr-2005 03:16:47

The page is very informative.It may be nice if 
the paragraphs in the essays have captions.That 
will make the reader enjoy the contents 
more.Pointers and key worda may please be added 
so that any history student will be able to 
access the same in a search by engines.Congrats 
for the effort put in at such magnitude. good 
luck and god bless you


Name: Ramamurthy
E-mail: murthy@pol.net
City: Burr Ridge
Country: Il,USA
Date: 09-Apr-2005 22:50:42

Dear Hari
I am really pleased to visit your site.I hail 
from Kallidaikurichi.My father who passed away 1 
year back was Dr.Mani who almost everybody 
there knew.He was a long time medical 
practitioner there. I also studied in Tilak 
Vidyalaya and Lakshmipathy elementary school. I 
am living in United states for the past 30 years.
Your site brings back old memories.


Name: oluego
E-mail: nwaolu@yahoo.com
Country: senegal
Date: 07-Mar-2005 12:45:27

nwa olu lovelly site 


Name: govindarajan
E-mail: mgrajans@yahoo.co.in
City: chandigarh
Country: india
Date: 22-Feb-2005 11:54:32

Dear Hari,
Listened to your rendition of Ujjaini and liked 
it very much.Could not listen to other songs or 
see the script as I got error msgs.Keep up the 
good work.You have a bright future with your 
wonderful voice and pronunciation.


Name: mahendra
E-mail: mahanart@yahoo.com
City: bangalore
Date: 14-Dec-2004 01:21:02

good work


Name: Ganesan
E-mail: GanN@aadiahil.optusnet.com.au
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Date: 25-Sep-2004 06:54:14

I am from Ekambarapuram St, Kallidaikurichi. 
Those were the years where Religion, music and 
life were all mixed together.Lived till 1980 and 
have a house. It is very heartening to see the 
enthusiasm at a very young age. keep it up. Hope 
oneday we will meet. 


E-mail: rsmani@kcircle.com
Country: INDIA
Homepage: kcircle.com
Date: 24-Sep-2004 11:21:59

Do you know or heard about Sri Vedantha 
Baghavathar of Mudaliappapuram Street, 
Kallidaikurichi,and if so, kindly communicate. 
My Uncle Sri Ramalinga Baghavathar of Kuttikal 
Street, Kallidaikurichi, was very close to and 
principal student of Sri Vedantha Baghavathar 
and his brother Sri Ramalinga Baghavathar.


Name: dr.r.c.nair
E-mail: valsachand66@rediff.com
City: melbourne
Country: australia
Date: 10-Sep-2004 21:55:19

though i myself am not a specialist in the 
classical music ,i am so much impressed with 
these pages created by hari ,brilliant young boy 
who has remarkable talents in several fields, my 
only irequest to hari is, dont stop probing and 
learning more and more re indian music, 
computers, IT,culture,linguistics,and try to 
learn more about the earth and all nine 
planets,since i believe u can do much more than 
u are doing at present,wish u all blessings luck 
in all ventures yours loving anni uncle


Name: sankaranarayanan
E-mail: sankars@vsnl.com
City: Mumbai
Country: india
Homepage: http://personal.vsnl.com/sankars
Date: 14-Aug-2004 18:48:42

Commendable effort. dear hari
Wishing you all the best


Name: Lakshmipathi
E-mail: lpathi69@hotmail.com
City: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Date: 09-Aug-2004 07:10:51

Dear Hari, 
As a fellow Kallidaikurichian, I am please to 
see your achievements at such an young age. I 
wish you all the best. I have the interests of 
my village at heart, particularly my schools - 
Lakshmipathi Elementary school and Tilak 
Vidyalaya. You may notice my name on the board 
carrying the names of those students who topped 
the class in SSLC in the year l952. Yes that 
long ago. I have some plan to visit Kallidai at 
the end of this year and will be happy to meet 
you. Lakshmi Pathi


Name: kumar manyam
Country: india
Date: 01-Jul-2004 12:22:21

Dear Hari
Appreciate your devotion to Carnatic Music and 
the interest in providing the indepth 
informations. I look forward for more research 
articles from you on carnatic music. 

May God bless you success in all your attempts.


Kumar Manyam


Name: Smitha
E-mail: smithavgopal@yahoo.com
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Date: 28-Jun-2004 03:19:16

Hi Hari,
This is smitha from bangalore. I liked ur site 
very much and u have lots and lots of 
information about classical music. Iam a 
classical music singer and this site wud be of 
great help for me. Please do inform me if at 
all any help is needed from my side.

Good Luck


Name: mugu
E-mail: mugu@aol.com
City: new york
Country: u s a
Date: 23-Jun-2004 09:55:28

mugu boy i dey hereooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Name: prabhu
E-mail: prabhug@cypasia.org
City: chandigarh
Country: india
Homepage: cypasia.org
Date: 06-May-2004 14:46:35

hi, hari. its me prabhu from kalldaikuruchi 
telephone SDE's son. ur site is well built. 
good. keep it up.
now i'm at chandigarh working.
my best wishes to u and ur family.
take care
keep in touch

Name: Roger (Rajagopal)
E-mail: roger_Raj2000@yahoo.com
City: Montvale, New Jersey
Country: USA
Date: 04-May-2004 21:42:56

Dear Hari Krishnan!

As an India-born American, I was impressed with 
what you have written. My 17 year old daughter, 
who was born here in USA is learning to play 
the Veena and I often translate some of our 
classical songs, so she can understand. Keep up 
the good work. Please write if you need 
anything from me. You have all my encouragement 
and I am highly impressed with your devoted 

Roger (aka Rajan, originally)


Name: Bijoy Philipose
E-mail: bijoy@sevana.com
City: Cochin
Country: India
Date: 09-Mar-2004 06:16:05

Hi Hari, This is Bijoy Chetan, visited your site.



Name: Krishnan Nair
E-mail: krishnanmnair@rediffmail.com
City: Tirunelveli
Country: India
Homepage: http://chennai.sancharnet.in/vispro
Date: 22-Feb-2004 07:59:31

This is a very informative and interesting site 
on Carnatic Music. Please keep it up. Wish You 
all Success!

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